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Translation: 100 Years From Now (Matsunaga Riai blog)

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Blog 19 January 2022 · 235 views

100 Years From Now (Matsunaga Riai)

2022-01-18 21:51:00
Translated by Lurkette
Requested by NirvanaRama


Good morning.

Is it already job-hunting season for everyone!?

When is job-hunting!?

Here are my song recommendations for when your heart is about to break from job-hunting

Mood song of the day

Noushou Sakuretsu Gi...

Translation: ---Sato Masaki--- (Tanaka Reina blog)

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Blog 22 December 2021 · 261 views

---Sato Masaki---

2021-12-18 05:17:37
Translated by Lurkette
Requested by page11

Yappi 🌸
I didn't plan on writing this blog, but I suddenly I wondered if I should, but I didn't act on it when I thought about it but I quickly changed my mind, which is how I came to write it now ☡✍︎

It's about Sato Masaki, who recently graduated from Morning Musume. '...

Translation: Regarding Sato Masaki's graduation. (Tsunku♂)

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Blog 24 September 2021 · 439 views

Regarding Sato Masaki's Graduation

Text: Tsunku ♂
Translation: Lurkette

Huh, so she's decided to graduate.

It must have been a hard decision.

It's a hard thing for someone to not be able to participate in any lives or events despite being a member of the group.

The fans will accept her decision, surely.

There are a few months left un...

Team Syachihoko blog translations 2017.10.12

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Blog 12 October 2017 · 1084 views

☆ChiyuChiyu Bloh☆ "Today is the last day"

Konnichiyu ฅ۶•ﻌ•♡

♡KRY Fall Festival♡

I was really happy
that we got to go to Yamaguchi again this year!!!

It's always fun to out to places~ (^-^)

We did the mochi throw and a live radio broadcast and a talk show and a live and special events, so it was a very full day~!

Thank you to...

Team Syachihoko Blog Translations 2017.10.05

Posted by Lurkette, in Blog, Translations 06 October 2017 · 764 views

Nagoya~~(^^) Sakamoto Haruna

Haru Hello (^^)

Syachi Summer 2017~Extreme~
@ Aichiken Geijutsu Gekijou Large Hall

Our annual summer event
is in September...
But the day before we did the Me~Tele BOMBER-E Fall Festival!

micro <3 , with Nacchan <3

Going back and forth between summer and fall
made for a dense two...

Team Syachihoko blog translations 2017.09.27

Posted by Lurkette, in Blog, Translations 27 September 2017 · 771 views

Hopefully someone will keep me up to task on this, but I hope to do some Stardust member translations, since they are painfully underrepresented in the international fandom and I think lack of English materials is a big reason why. I love Stardust, though, so I'm going to start doing some blog translations specifically for Team Syachihoko. Since they don'...