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Translation: ONE PLUS ONE Kawashima Mifu x Tanaka Reina (Talk portion)

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Translation: Lurkette
Requested by thegabriel

Tanaka: Okay, great work! Thank you!
Kawashima: Great work, thank you.
Tanaka: Can you tell everyone your name?
Kawashima: It's Kawashima Mifu.
Tanaka: That's Mifu-chan! Treat her nicely.
Kawashima: Please take care of me.
Tanaka: You know, we were talking before, and whenever our eyes would meet, she would start crying. Like, twice. And so, for this section where we talk to the camera, she's looking only at the camera (laughs). How cute! Why did you choose me to sing with you?
Kawashima: I've loved you and looked up to you since I was very little, because of my mother, so I chose--I was allowed to choose you.
Tanaka: Thank you, that makes me happy! So, your mom was a supporter of mine, perhaps, and while you were growing up and following after your mom, you saw me and wanted to know more about me? Thank you so much. Were you nervous?
Kawashima: Yes.
Tanaka: Teehee! So cute! She's just like a baby! But I'm grateful, I'm really happy! You really are nervous.
Kawashima: Um...
Tanaka: Hm? Is there something you want to say? Oh, it's okay, you can say it to the camera instead.
Kawashima: I love you.
Tanaka: Thank you! This is my oshi now. Kawashima is my #1 out of all the trainees, so take care of her.
Kawashima: ...please.
Tanaka: So to end, should we do an "Otsuka-Reina"? I'll do the "otsuka-" and then we'll say Reina together.
Staff: Wait, wait, stop!
Tanaka: Otsuka-Reina...

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