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Translation: ONE PLUS ONE Yofu Runo x Sato Masaki (Talk portion)

Posted by Lurkette, in Video, Translations 23 August 2022 · 29 views

Translated by Lurkette

Requested by thegabriel

Both: Good job! Right.
Sato: So...
Yofu: I am--I mean, my thinking for choosing this song, is because I always wanted to perform it. Ever since I first heard it. I was also really happy to be able to do it with you, so much so that during the song I ended up kind of looking over at you...
Sato: She was doing too much! She was trying to be serious, like *oomph* Did you see it? You have to use that. I saw that face and it just flew right into me.
Yofu: There's the part where we do this together, and she told me to smile.
Sato: She was on it! It was crazy, you have to use that part.
Yofu: I had a lot of fun, it ended up being so fun.
Sato: It was fun, mega fun. My impression of Yofu Runo has completely *ugh* changed that much, so today really was fun.
Yofu: It was fun.
Sato: Like... It's like you're a completely different person from the time I first met you. That's what it seems like.
Yofu: Really? How so?
Sato: ...agh!? Asking me how! I don't know, we just meshed really well.
Yofu: Yay! The performance and everything today has just been so fun.
Sato: Even the staff members were smiling, it was so much fun. The staff have been so nice and Yofu Runo has been so nice, I think this might be the most I've smiled this year.
Yofu: Really?
Sato: Yeah, it was awesome.
Yofu: Thank you. Well, the reason I chose you to sing with is because your singing voice at concerts is always so incredible
Sato: Really?
Yofu: Absolutely. Like, when I hear you, it's so... it's so...
Sato: Did you get lost?
Yofu: No, no, um, everyone is laughing at me...
Sato: Everyone is laughing? It's just a little, don't worry about it. You're doing fine.
Yofu: So, your singing voice at your graduation concert was so cool, so I was hoping that we would someday be able to perform together like this, and that's why I chose you.
Sato: I really like Yofu Runo's voice, too.
Yofu: What!?
Sato: It's true. I don't tell lies.
Yofu: Really?
Sato: Yeah, I don't lie...
Yofu: No, you're lying!
Sato: Nuh-uh! I'm not! I'm not lying that I love Yofu Runo's voice, but I might like your personality even more.
Yofu: Really?
Sato: Do you see that before? "Really? Really? Really?" *laughs* I just like your personality.
Yofu: *laughs* Thank you.
Sato: You can do this, just as you are.
Both: *laugh*
Sato: Thank you for inviting me! Farewell!
Yofu: Farewell.
Sato: Good night.
Yofu: Good night.

(before the interview)
Yofu: Really? Really? Really?
(laughter intensifies)