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Translation: 100 Years From Now (Matsunaga Riai blog)

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Blog 19 January 2022 · 200 views

100 Years From Now (Matsunaga Riai)

2022-01-18 21:51:00
Translated by Lurkette
Requested by NirvanaRama


Good morning.

Is it already job-hunting season for everyone!?

When is job-hunting!?

Here are my song recommendations for when your heart is about to break from job-hunting

Mood song of the day


Noushou Sakuretsu Girl

feat. hatsune miku & GUMI

I like the lyrics, "Because everyone is going to be dead 100 years from now anyway"

I've never really gotten depressed before, but I listen to this when I feel worn out

100 years from now everyone will be stars sparkling in the sky so I should be myself!! 🌠

I think.

At yesterday's signing event, I wasn't as hyper as I was before

And I happened to see some comments saying,

I bet they got mad at you! You're not being yourself, I want you to be crazier!

First of all, no one got mad at me at the last event! lol

I was being myself in the middle of Ruru's warm aura yesterday, and I was being myself the last time when I was so hyper~~

Both versions of me are wonderful

I think lately I've realized how different I can be

My motto is to live my life my own way, but I'm not particular about what "my own way" is

My own way, in my own motto.

It's not being crazy and yelling

It's going along knowing well my own opinions and my own heart, without getting swept away by others

I guess!

I feel like, what am I even saying...?! lolol

It's tricky

I have never thought, "That's not like me."

If I make my own choices.

If I fail, that's me, if I succeed, that's me.

I think being overly concerned with "being myself" is the most not myself.

But maybe the secret to being myself is having my Juice=Juice seniors who made this environment for me ❤️‍🔥

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[center]And my generation-mate 🐙

I'm always happy to see people getting a deeper look at Riai's personality. As short as her blog normally is, it is one of the more interesting to follow in modern H!P.

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