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Translation: ---Sato Masaki--- (Tanaka Reina blog)

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Blog 22 December 2021 · 249 views

---Sato Masaki---

2021-12-18 05:17:37
Translated by Lurkette
Requested by page11

Yappi 🌸
I didn't plan on writing this blog, but I suddenly I wondered if I should, but I didn't act on it when I thought about it but I quickly changed my mind, which is how I came to write it now ☡✍︎

It's about Sato Masaki, who recently graduated from Morning Musume. '21 🙂

Sato, who would follow me around for some reason when I first met her.
At first, I was like, "Who the heck is she? She definitely doesn't care about Morning Musume., and so she doesn't know the first thing about me." lmao

She was so, so, so, so clingy lol
(At the time, my stomach wasn't doing great and I had awful stomachaches every day, so her jumping on me without any consideration was quite a shock to my system lmao)
After a while I noticed I had naturally gotten used to it
When she'd run up to hug me, saying, "Tanasatan"
"Did something happen...?"
"I wonder if a manager told her off about coming up to me again...?" I was almost worried.


After some time had passed since she joined,
a lot of fans were of the opinion, "Reina has changed,"
"Maachan is amazing for having changed Reina."

Well, they're not wrong.
Reina back then was very much like, "This has always been my personality."

The environment in Morning Musume. was a very particular place for me,
meaning that I was prepared to quit if I let anyone know of my shortcomings lmao
Nobody depended on me, and I didn't want to depend on anyone,
so I didn't know if anyone was my friend. Something like that.
The Tanaka Reina I showed to Sato was essentially me
But up to that point, I'd never really let my guard down?
I hadn't had the right time to be who I really was, I don't think.

But thanks to Sato,
My heart was certainly less constrained when I went to work, and I realized what juniors could be like!
I didn't personally differentiate between seniors, juniors, and my generation-mates at that point,
They were all just co-workers, I guess 🤔

But I had absolutely no desire to lean on anyone, to ask anyone for help, to be asked for help,
I almost forgot what that felt like.

But I guess Sato was a little different
Speaking of this, though, I usually don't remember a whole lot about the past
I'm only speaking from what memories I can pull from the nooks and crannies of my mind 😂👍

Around 2013?
There was no opportunity to tell the fans that I had always been this way
But this idea that Tanaka Reina
was someone who could never, ever get her heart broken, that she would never quit, that she was always so strong, that she fights her battles alone
I started to think about it and realized that I never got across who I actually was to the fans, and I even had some sulky thoughts like, "Well they've never met me in my private life so lol"

You mellowed out after you graduated,
you got so much nicer,
people want to say those things to OGs but I feel like especially so in my case? lmao

I was so, so cautious about it
but that's always been who I am
I've overcome a lot of things, of course,
I'm quick to accept things, and I turn a blind eye
to emotional things.
But even now I remember feeling distressed
and it's because of those experiences that I'm who I am today 😌

But that is precisely why Sato's clinginess
made a dent in my armor, if that's the right expression? 🙂

I was the type of person that people were scared of in Morning Musume., but I was so happy to be loved by a junior, if I may say so myself

It's simple, though, I am the type of person
Where if my juniors try to get close to me and think of me fondly, even just for the sake of appearances
I normally do dote on them, and worry about them, and want to take them to hang out in our off time! lol

Sato is smart, so I think she carefully selected a senior to grab (business hugs) and hold onto lololol but that's okay, too! ☺️ lol

Even if that were the case, that's still a skill that only Sato could wield to achieve such results.

She's the reason people changed their impressions of me from a scary street punk to a kind and doting senior.

Thanks 🌸

I went to see her graduation ceremony
And I thought that there would be a ceremony,
so honestly I was shocked when it was over

Ending it with that outfit, as well,
was a very Sato thing to do.
Normally no one would think that up 😳

I am someone who values appearances, though 😂

When I'd go to karaoke with her in private, too,
we'd sing Morning Musume. songs even after I graduated,
and she'd say a lot of things that showed a level of respect for Tsunku♂, like,
"Tanasatan, even though Tsunku didn't tell you how to sing this song, you sound like him!"
"Tanasatan, you'd really be able to get across Tsunku's intentions if you sung the demos."
But she'd also say things that I didn't really understand, like,
"Morning Musume. songs are happier when Tanasatan sings them"
I wonder if she is a genius, somehow. lmao

"The songs are happy," did she come up with that?

It's not from me.
She's amazing.

Even if it's work where she doesn't appear up front
I definitely want her to get jobs where she can make music or participate in music 😊

I dragged this out, but congrats on your graduation 🌸
You worked hard for a really long time 💮☺️
Tanaka Reina

Thank you so much :sob: