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Translation: ONE PLUS ONE Tsutsui Roko x Takahashi Ai (Talk portion)

Posted by Lurkette, in Video, Translations 20 July 2022 · 0 views

Translated by Lurkette

Requested by thegabriel

Takahashi Ai: Good work!
Tsutsui Roko: Good work.
Takahashi: Thank you.
Tsutsui: Thank you.
Takahashi: How was it?
Tsutsui: Well, I was very happy to get to dance with you and I feel that I have a lot that I can learn by performing with you, so I think it was a very good opportunity.
Takahashi: Haha! Oh my god, it sounds like you're in school. That's funny. It was fun, though. So why did you choose me?
Tsutsui: Um, you were the reason I discovered Hello!Project in the first place, and ever since I was little, I wanted to be an idol like you.
Takahashi: Wow, really? Really? What about me made you discover Hello!Project?
Tsutsui: My mom has always loved Morning Musume, and we would watch concerts and videos of the group when you were in it, around the time of Kimagure Princess.
Takahashi: Oh, that's why you chose this song, too, right?
Tsutsui: Right.
Takahashi: That makes me happy, haha. I couldn't speak as well you did just now. I think that's amazing.
Tsutsui: It's nothing...
Takahashi: What's amazing is, what is it... how should I put it? Doing things by yourself. I mean, you're not really by yourself, you have the rest of Ocha Norma, too, but it's so cool that you do what you set your mind to, like you are right now. I think you're going to get a lot of chances in your career, and I want you to make the most of every opportunity you get. What I want most, though, is for you to be honest with yourself. Say that you're having a hard time when things get hard, that you're sad when you're sad. It's not just about doing your best, it's about reflecting on your actual feelings and I want you to treasure every feeling you have.
Tsutsui: Thank you, I understand.
Takahashi: I don't want you to lose this freshness you have, so adults, please take care of her!
Tsutsui: So, when I watch videos of you performing, you're doing all the dances correctly, but you don't mess up your singing at the same. I think that's amazing, so do you have any pointers or things to pay attention to when I'm practicing?
Takahashi: Huh, I wonder? The thing is, it's not like I got the choreography down pat and then put my own spin on it, I'm always like, "WHAT!? I can't do this at all!' Ha! It's true! I'm useless in rehearsals.
Tsutsui: No way.
Takahashi: But that's a good thing! Someone tell me it's a good thing! Ha, no, the whole point of rehearsing is so that you can perform it on stage, so that when it's time to perform, you can do it. It's not just about putting in the work, what will bring it to that level is finding your own way of making it work. For me, I make all these mistakes and laugh it off but I'm learning from them. It wasn't like, I have to do it right, I have to do it right, I've done it right so now I go perform. Everyone around you knows how you're doing with it, anyway. So I wouldn't focus on anything except for finding your own way of doing things. Really, it's incredible, I can't remember anything. Like lyrics! I can never remember lyrics, you know.
Tsutsui: Really?
Takahashi: Everyone else would have them down and I'd be the only one messing up.
Tsutsui: *shakes head*
Takahashi: No? Haha, it's true! That's the kind of person I am. But you couldn't tell, right? Haha, right! You can't tell, because when it's time to perform, I have to know everything. I know that I have to know everything, but if I'm desperately trying to do everything right in rehearsals, I might not be able to do it for the real thing. So you have to find your own path to get there, you have to figure out how you work within your own body to build up those skills, on the way to your goals.
Tsutsui: That's very good advice.
Takahashi: When it comes to singing and dancing, too, you're not just a dancer, you're not just singing, so you can't separate them. If you think about it all as one collective performance, you'll find a way to deliver it all in the best way you can.
Tsutsui: Thank you.
Takahashi: Sing and dance together. Like a butterfly, haha. Give it a try.
Tsutsui: I will, thank you.
Takahashi: Just like this song! Move like a butterfly. Is that okay? Do you understand? I worry I can't explain it well.
Tsutsui: No, I understand.
Takahashi: Do your best for Ocha Norma.
Tsutsui: I will, thank you!