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Translation: ONE PLUS ONE Hirayami Yuki x Oda Sakura (Talk portion)

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Video 17 June 2022 · 245 views

Translated by Lurkette

Requested by the gabriel

Both: Good work.
Oda: And thank you.
Hirayama: Thank you.
Oda: Thank you for choosing me.
Hirayama: You are someone I've looked up to since I was a trainee. Even before I joined Hello!Project, I liked watching their performance videos, and even when you weren't the one singing or the focus of the shot, I always found myself drawn to your facial expressions.
Oda: Yay!
Hirayama: Your dancing has always been sharp, too, and your singing voice--when it's a cute song, you sing cutely; when it's a cool song, you sing cool. You were so versatile and had so much variation in your performances, I thought it was so cool and I wanted to be like you. So (laughs) that's why you're the senior member I look up to, even now.
Oda: Thank you. So, why did you choose this song?
Hirayama: Well, before I joined the company, I'd watch videos of Morning Musume and other Hello!Project groups, and I found the solo angle video for Takahashi Ai performing this song and she was so cool.
Oda: I definitely get that.
Hirayama: Then, I saw the song performed by the whole group, not as the solo angle, and I really came to love the song. Because I liked you, I also tried looking up videos of you performing it, but there weren't any at all.
Oda: That's right, yeah.
Hirayama: Right?
Oda: Yeah, this is actually my first time doing this song. So you were looking for that?
Hirayama: Yeah, I didn't know if you had performed it before but I just couldn't find video, but it was something I wanted to see. If I were ever to perform with you, I would want to be this song and have a cool, feminine performance together, so that's why I picked it.
Oda: Thank you. Well, how was it? How was I?
Hirayama: (laughs)
Oda: Really, though! How did it go?
Hirayama: Well, I could only see you out of the corner of my eye, but I could still tell from what I did see that you put your own spin on the choreography. I'm happy to be able to learn from you, and I'll watch this video and hopefully be able to take what I can learn from this and watching you and bring it to what I do with ANGERME.
Oda: That's so nice, thank you. I was really wondering why you had asked me to perform something I've never done before, but because I hadn't yet had a chance to perform it and put my own spin on it, I am very happy you asked me to perform it with you, thank you.
Hirayama: Thank you.
Oda: You sounded cool, too!
Hirayama: Oh, thank you!
Oda: I'm looking forward to watching the video.
Hirayama: Yeah, I'm excited to see it.
Both: Thank you.