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Open for translation requests

Posted by Lurkette, in Update, Translations 02 February 2016 · 841 views


So I think most people are aware by now that I do understand Japanese and that I have been known to translate Japanese materials from time to time, like on blog!project or Hello!Pro Radio. As much as I would like to keep up with those sites and their respective translation projects, I have found that because my current work-school schedule, I don't really have the ability to commit to any long-term or ongoing translations. However, I still like translating things and I want to make sure I keep my skills up.

So... I'm taking requests.

Some examples of the things I'll translate: singular blog entries, short video clips, website and magazine interviews, a series of tweets, etc. Love a small-time idol group with no English info? I can help. Have a clip from a DVD magazine that you love but don't know what's going on? I can help. Troubled by a certain blog entry but can't get anything out of Google Translate? I can help.

Rules and Guidelines
  • To make a request, comment on this blog entry or send me a PM with a link or attachment to the material you want translated.
  • Requests will be put into a queue at my discretion. I will confirm with you if I have added your requests to my list.
  • You may submit multiple requests, but anything past your first request will be put into the bottom of the queue to give others a chance to get material translated.
  • Materials will get translated whenever I have the time. That could mean in an hour, it could mean in two weeks. If for some reason I cannot finish a translation, I will let you know ASAP and will give you whatever I have done already.
  • Video and radio clips must be under 5 minutes, or else you will get a summary rather than a full translation.
  • Audio will receive a translated transcription. I will not make subtitles.
  • You may use the transcript to time and make your own subs, as long as you give me credit for the translation in the video and send me a link.
  • If the material you wish to be translated is not online but only in hard-copy, I will need large, HQ scans of the material.
  • You may not use these translations for commercial or academic purposes without my consent.
  • Please provide credit for the translations should you repost them onto other sites.
I'm also allowed to change these rules whenever I feel like it. Just use common sense and don't be a jerk, basically.

Unless requested otherwise, all translations will be posted to my H!O blog for everyone to enjoy. If you'd prefer to keep it private, I can send the translation to you via PM.

Bear in mind that literal translations aren't really my thing. If you're looking for a word-for-word match to the source material, I'm not the one to call. I prefer to translate the material in a way that captures the original essence of the source by turning it into more natural-sounding English, which oftentimes goes against a literal translation but retains the intended meaning.

Everything will be translated to the best of my ability, which, if we're being honest, is pretty darn good, but if there is some passage or statement that I really can't wrap my head around, I'll let you know via PM or in the translation itself if the statement may have some crucial information within it that shouldn't be misconstrued.

For now let's stick with stuff related to idols/j-music/j-celebrities, just to reduce my chances of accidentally doing someone's homework for them. Please don't send me your homework.

Thanks a bunch! I will definitely send you some soon. From that last sentence, I assume it can be about any fandom, not just H!P, right?

Thanks a bunch! I will definitely send you some soon. From that last sentence, I assume it can be about any fandom, not just H!P, right?


Totally. Doesn't matter to me. 

I know I'm waaaay back of the line currently but I wanted to link this now so I don't forget/misplace the link(It came up on my twitter feed as I follow liNGliNG) http://ototoy.jp/feature/2016020207

I'd love it if you translated the columns that Hug Me has written for PGbyHMJM so far. If the other two will be pushed back to the queue, then I'd like it if you started with the infamous brazilian wax article she did, lmao.



Thank you so much! (Also, the whole "pornographl" in the url and the fact it's written by a BiSH member who likes AV and dirty jokes would probably give it away, but just to be safe, NSFW link)

Are you still open to requests?

I found this interview with Mogami Moga of dempagumi that is something to do with heart problems I think? 



If so thank you so much in advanced <3