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Translation: Regarding Sato Masaki's graduation. (Tsunku♂)

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Blog 24 September 2021 · 369 views

Regarding Sato Masaki's Graduation

Text: Tsunku
Translation: Lurkette

Huh, so she's decided to graduate.

It must have been a hard decision.

It's a hard thing for someone to not be able to participate in any lives or events despite being a member of the group.

The fans will accept her decision, surely.

There are a few months left until her graduation.

Please enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Because it's your life.

My feelings for all the members are the same; the point is how you enrich your life after you graduate.

So I guess I do want hear an announcement like, "I want to be ____" or "I'm going to study to try to be ____" like what we'd get if these were normal circumstances.

Well, that's also something that she should do at her own pace, so I guess it'll be fine.

I want Sato to break through until the end, on Sato Time (lol).

That's what I'm trying to say.

These are my feelings now, for now.