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[Interview translation] BiSH~Rock'n Roll Swindle~ Can the knockoff surpass the original?!ーーEpisode 1 BiSH's first interview (Part 1)!!

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There was an idol group named BiS that became a legend. BiSH, a group starting up right now, will have to surpass that same BiS as their very first goal. These 5 will be attacking that painful, dramatic, high, high wall in front of them. They haven't even meet the research students yet [*what BiS fans were called]. They're still pure (probably...). They still like Watanabe Junnosuke (probably...). So, it begins now. BiSH's journey, even more upsetting and intense than BiS', begins here! (Iida Shinichiro)

Episode 1: BiSH, the first interview (Part 1)

ーーThe BiSH project was announced about 2 months ago, and you've finally gotten the members.

Watanabe Junnosuke (Henceforth, Watanabe): Well... We've decided on the members' names.


Watanabe: Yukako Love Deluxe, Sentochihiro Chicchi, Momoko GUmi Company, Hug Me, and Aina The End.

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ーーThose are hard to remember! Were there reasons for these names?

Watanabe: I'll put tentative ideas out there, but the members all basically thought them up themselves. Things they like, what they want to be called, etc.

ーーSo, I'd like to talk to each member briefly. Why did you, Hug Me, want to join BiSH?

Hug Me (Henceforth, Hug): I had always liked idols, and I liked BiS, too. Also, I knew about the audition where Uika, Tenko, and Saki joined but I didn't go for it, which I really regret. That's why this time, when I saw they were taking applications for BiSH, I knew I had to do it.

ーーHow were you feeling during the auditions?

Hug: It was a group interview, and I was the first one to speak and I had no idea what I should do, so I just acted normally. Then, the people who went after me were super in character. There was also a girl who asked, "I want to pee on the audience, is that okay?" You could feel the madness (laughs).

ーーAina The End, you were in the same group interview, too, right?

Aina The End (Henceforth, Aina): Yes. Everyone was so intense, but I didn't want to lose, so when the subject of get naked/won't get naked came up, I said, "If it's just nipples, it's fine."

Hug: It escalated quickly (laughs). That's why I thought I wouldn't get in.

ーーHow did you feel when you heard you had gotten in?

Hug: I thought, "No way!" I didn't think I had gotten in, so I was just in shock.

ーーWhat about your stage experience?

Hug: I worked at Dear Stage.
Watanabe: She hid this from us during the interview! I was totally fooled.

ーーContinuing with Aina. Why did you want to join BiSH?

Aina: It was after I really found out who BiS were. I had performed in the same show as them once before but I didn't really know their songs, but once I learned of the BiSH audition I looked them up and thought that "FiNAL DANCE" was a really good song. I also really fell in love with Uika's singing voice, and I realized, "BiS is the evolution of idol!" They didn't feel like ordinary idols, so I wanted to do that, too.

ーーAina, you've already had a lot of stage experience, haven't you?

Aina: That's right. I was a back-up dancer for the longest time. I also did a lot of idol choreography and stage work.

ーーWhat's your state of mind now that you're in the group?

Aina: When I took the audition, I believed, "I will pass!" so I feel like, "All right, time to work on the next thing." I'm not settling down.

I thought, "This is the road to porn! I've been tricked!"

ーーNext, Sentochihiro Chicchi. How did you feel during the interview?

Sentochihiro Chicchi (Henceforth, Chicchi): I was excited.

ーーFor what (laughs)? Were you confident you would get in?

Chicchi: Well, I wanted to. I said I would graduate from my my former idol group in the hopes that I would get in.

ーーWhen you actually did get in, how did you feel?

Chicchi: I was happy, so happy. Up until this point, my character had been set, I had to be careful about what I would say, and I felt like I was being tied down, so it felt kind of liberating, or at least like I wanted to put more of myself out there.

ーーYukako Love Deluxe, you were in a band before this. Why did you decide to become an idol?

Yukako Love Deluxe (Henceforth, Yukako): I don't really know, myself. I liked BiS from the start, and when they broke up, I heard they were holding auditions for new BiSH members, so I, like, wanted to be a part of that, and I naturally ended up applying.

ーーYou even put out a CD. Why did you quit your band?

Yukako: For 8 years, I had been doing this and that and overcoming a lot of obstacles, but at the beginning of the year, I got tired of the band and started talking about taking a hiatus, and then I unexpectedly put in a BiSH application during that time.

ーーThere's a difference in dance experience between you and three of the other members (Hug, Aina, Chicchi), are you worried about that?

Yukako: I said. Then, my parents stepped in and said, "Then you have to dance even harder." That was the truth, I admitted, and it will probably be tough but I'll do my best.

ーーFinally, Momoko Gumi Company. How did you feel applying?

Momoko Gumi Company (Henceforth, Momoko): I didn't know anything about BiS during the interview, and I didn't think Watanabe was that impressive.

ーーAnd now?

Momoko: I think so now! I think it's amazing that he made BiS. But, when I got the message from him that I had passed the audition, he asked me about my relations with men, and I thought, "This is the road to porn! I've been tricked!" I didn't really understand when I went to the audition, so I was happy but also wondered if it was really okay. Once I got the message, I went home to look everything up.

ーーDid you just want to be an idol?

Momoko: Yeah, I thought that just watching them was boring so I wanted to become one.

I hate people who say they love underground idols

ーーReally. But with all the members together... Huh? What's with that face (laughs)?

Momoko: I have ulcers! I passed for BiSH, looked up BiS, and realized how amazing they were and then I developed 3 ulcers from the stress.
Watanabe: What stress?!
Momoko: They won't heal at all so I drink chocolate BB. I was also looking for part-time jobs before applying for BiSH and I got rejected at both a movie theater and a convenience store. So why did I get accepted for this; I was shocked.

ーーWhen you all met for the first time, what did you think of each other?

Momoko: I thought, "What, I'm such an amateur!"
All: (laughs)
Momoko: Also, not even one person had a bad personality, so I felt like we would get along.
Yukako: I want to be friends with everyone but I still don't know. Maybe it will just happen naturally.
Aina: I was crazy scared. Everyone is so thin... I decided to lose some weight.
Momoko: No, no, you have such a nice body!
Hug: I thought that everyone looked so young.
Chicchi: I thought that there might be some really loud people in the group, but everyone is surprisingly kind-natured. I first made eye contact with Momoko and realized that there was another little person.
Momoko: I thought the same thing!

ーーI don't know if Momoko is saying these things by accident or if she's just really blunt.

Watanabe: She's honest.
Momoko: Words just come out of me this way, I don't think about it at all.

ーーBut is it really okay for you to be doing polaroid events and fan interactions with that attitude?

Momoko: Yeah, well, I do kind of really hate otaku...
All: What!

ーーWhy do you hate them?

Momoko: You really can't stand on your own if you're dependent on idols, right? That's why. I hate people who say they love underground idols.
All: Scary!
Momoko: For handshakes and stuff, I think, do you really not have any other girls to talk to?!
Watanabe: We'll have handshake events, though.
Momoko: I'll be okay with just a handshake.

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ーー But BiSH will do like hug events and things, won't you?

Momoko: Someone else will....

They told me, "If you're going to get naked, do it with flair"

ーーI don't think you, Yukako, had to do any of those things as a band member, so how do you feel about them?

Yukako: I think the pictures themselves are fine, but I'm bad at smiling. I get nerve pain in the left side of my face and my cheeks get swollen. I'm worried about that.

ーーIt's bad for that to happen to an idol...

Yukako: In the service industry, you normally smile at different people, and the cheeks are where you see how genuine those smile are. That's why I'll have to relax before those events.

ーーWhat were all of your parents' reactions?

Aina: They told me, "If you're going to get naked, do it with flair." They said I should do it artistically.
Hug: Mine were more like, do what you want to do.
Chicchi: Same with me. My mother is a very serious woman, so I don't know how she truly feels about it, but she told me to what I wanted to.
Yukako: My band put out a CD but it didn't sell well, so they said I should shape up. That was the brunt of it, so I thought they would tell me that I definitely shouldn't do it. But I told them, "This is my one shot to make money and enjoy myself!" So they said, "Fine then, go for it."

ーー(laughs). What passionate parents.

Yukako: But it seemed like they didn't know what kind of idol group it was, so they've been looking up BiS a lot lately on their smartphones and asked me, "What, will you get naked?! What will we do then?!" Still, they said if I didn't do that it would be fine, so that was the end of that.
Momoko: When I told them I passed they were happy for me, but then they said, "We had no idea if you would live or die up to this point, anyway, with the life you've been leading."
All: (laughs).
Momoko: I thought, "Is that really what you think of me?!" I thought I had been leading a normal college life. But then they said, "We're glad you have something you can get fired up about now."

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