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Translation: Fukumura Mizuki discusses the Fukumura Dash

Posted by Lurkette, in Video, Translations 25 June 2020 · 0 views

Source: Clip from Buzzfeed Japan's Konya wa Mokuyoubi, "#HaroPuro o osu to jinsei ga yutaka ni naru"

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Translated by Lurkette

Inuyama Kamiko: Here we have Michishige-san’s graduation concert at Yokohama Arena. I went to this concert, too, and I watched this happen. There was this point where Michishige-san’s leg got hurt and she was stuck in place. Fukumura-san sensed that, and at the very start of the song dashed in that direction, and that became what’s now known as legendary, the Fukumura Dash.

All: (laugh)

Inuyama: I know, I’m talking about it right in front of her, but I saw that, and you know, when Michishige-san had decided to graduate, it was because things would be okay with these members as her juniors. I felt like she trusted them so much, that’s how she could decide to graduate right then. And among those juniors, the next leader, Fukumura-san did something like this, and it made everyone think, oh, Morning Musume really will be okay after this with Fuku-chan in charge. That's how symbolic that scene was. It wasn’t some pre-arranged event, it was something that happened unexpectedly, and the strength she had, I was just so moved. I’m sorry, someone else say something.

Ooshima Yukari: Actually, this scene was chosen by Aribobo-san and Oomori-san as well, so how about one of you talk about what was so great about this moment, something that Inuyama-san hasn't mentioned.

Oomori Seiko: Well, it's significant because Morning Musume concerts are so tight. The setlist, the staging, everything is prepared perfectly so that it’s an amazing concert. Now, Michishige-san, she used her character to spread awareness of Morning Musume in a way that only she could do, so to have something like this happen at her final stage, something that was outside those preparations and completely unplanned, it made me so emotional. It could honestly cry. No, really, I could absolutely cry over it, that’s why none of us really watch this concert. I’ll break down.

Ooshima: So Fukumura-san, you were the one doing this, so you obviously remember this happening, right?

Fukumura Mizuki: I remember it so clearly. We had to go forward to the center stage in that performance, but Michishige-san couldn't move. Some of the members weren't sure if we should move or not, but then some of the members started to go, so we all decided to go. To the audience, it turned into this performance without Michishige-san. The next song, though, was a song with just the two of us, so I wanted to sing next to her no matter what. But it was my first time at Yokohama Arena and there was this really long catwalk between the two stages and I had no idea what I was going to do, but I wanted to sing next to her so I just ran.

Inuyama: You are so precious.

Oomori: She wanted to sing next to her.

Ooshima: So without even thinking of the setlist and blocking, you felt like you just had to go to where Michishige-san was.

Fukumura: That’s right. Michishige-san couldn’t move after that, so we moved for her and changed the formations so that she could always be seen.

Ooshima: You changed them on the spot?

Fukumura: That's right.

Ooshima: That’s incredible.

Fukumura: It was a whole operation at that point.

Shibata Aribobo: Actually, if you look closely, you can see those changes, how everyone little by little scooted down. You can really see how strong the juniors were at ad-libbing there. Oh man, it's just the best.

Thank you very much for your translation. I always get teary-eyed when watching the legendary Fukumura Dash. 

Thanks for this!