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On the subject of Takeuchi Akari-chan's hands looking like that of a manual laborer

Posted by Lurkette, 09 March 2014 · 1183 views

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S/mileage 竹内朱莉@akari_takeuchi

Moomin goods
A Snufkin pen!!
They were also selling other varieties like this(≧∇≦)
It was so cuuute
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Her fingers are so stubby

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I want to hear the impressions of people who've gone to her handshake events

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A name change from Oden to Gaten*

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Is she a three-year-old baby?

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She's not doing any nail polishing or anything

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Dirty nails are lame for real

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Stop this right now

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Put on some Nivea or something
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These are the normal hands of someone who goes to swing practice

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Those aren't an old man's hands?

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>>17 I bet her face is ugly in any case, though

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>>17 Posted Image
There isn't much difference first of all

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Ah, the hands that can throw a curveball

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I'll say that they're the good hands of a hard worker

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>>21 roflolololol

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>>21 Was Oden a citizen of the Valley of the Wind?

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Is she really doing handshakes with these hands?

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S/mileage 竹内朱莉@akari_takeuchi

An off-shot from the just-released "SPA!"!!
I wonder if everyone checked it??

First is Wada-san!!!  #smileage
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Well her hands are perfect for her face and body
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It's even something she put up on Twitter
which makes it that much more amazing

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She's sealing envelopes for night work, isn't she?

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Sayashi's fingers are super stubby, too

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>>28 Are they?
That's surprising

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Cut your nails

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They're less like a manual laborer's and more like a pharmacist's
They wash their hands so thoroughly they always end up with cracks everywhere
Although her part time job would be at a gas station or painting houses

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How many kenshuusei did she put down with those hands?

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Is this the fine product that caused Bakuwara to say, "Ain't your hands small?"?!

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So pudgy lol

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For some reason I'm attracted to girls with a lot of complexes

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Short height
Short nose
Broken-out back
Small hands
Sausage fingers**

My beloved, lol

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Sausage fingers lol

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A yellow helmet very much suits her***

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She smokes either Peace or Highlights

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I have a hand fetish and I love Maimi's hands

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Should I give Take-chan a fleece-lined jacket**** as a present?

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川´・ o ・リ< Give me a break!

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From Oden to a construction worker character lol

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They say three children working their hardest at housework make the hands of a good wife

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I'd say it's because she loves baseball so much but she doesn't have to wear a glove as much as they normally do

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Forks must be impossible for her

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I want to come up from behind and smell the sweat of a Take-chan who has just finished her construction work for the day and is choosing a bento at the convenience store

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She's a great girl who helps out her father in the plaster business on her day off

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What if these hands were actually the hands of the ghost writer old man...

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Just when I thought Oden was becoming more feminine lately
her man hands have been exposed...
Clean up your nails

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The good hands of a hard worker

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When will her Yajima blood awaken?

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Just a little longer!
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S/m's own Dokachin

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It's almost certainly because she plays so much outside every day like some people play on their DS, that's it

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She looks like she plays on the jungle gym at the park on her off days

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Oden is so cute

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You can't go on without embracing your affinity with Oden-kun
What? She's an idol? Is she?


* Gaten is the name of a magazine for job ads for manual-labor recruits
** Technically they refer to her fingers as "mortar fingers," as in a mortar and pestle, but sausage fingers is a more common expression in English with the same meaning
*** Yellow helmets are worn by elementary and preschool students in Japan
**** The type of jacket being described is popular among blue-collar workers in Japan

Sorry for my brief absence. I've had some other things going on to distract me from all of my translations, which I apologize for, but I'll try to post as much as I can.

It's funny how everyone is expecting for her Yajima blood to finally appear magically one day... It's also pretty ironic that Maimi's cousin is in H!P and she turns out to be one of the more boyish members ever.

Thanks for translating again!

I think when you are the cousin of somebody like Maimi then people have expectations though they are not hugely alike apart from being both athletic annd they have those high cheekbones. Akari will probably stay a tomboy forever and not really care about things like having perfect nails that's just who she is XD. Nothing wrong with small hands too rather that than big man hands XD

I bet she slaps hard XD

Some of them are so harsh, but I was laughing the entire time XD

Take you time Lurkette, translations are always appreciated but your own stuff comes first right.


Btw (***On warning signs, construction workers are commonly depicted as wearing yellow helmets.) could be another interpretation.

Either way, small chubby hands of children and workers hands would both fit.

Btw (***On warning signs, construction workers are commonly depicted as wearing yellow helmets.) could be another interpretation.

Either way, small chubby hands of children and workers hands would both fit.


Ah, you may be right. They may have intended it to mean construction worker, but since the jokes here are about her hands being both dirty and stubby, I don't suppose any humor is lost. I think I leaned towards child because she has a baby face, too.

Thanks for the translation, poor Oden XD