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[Kosuga Fuyuka] Wada Ayacho "I definitely don't want new members in S/mileage. The current 6 are the best." [Bye-bye]

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Top Yell March Issue

Wada: "If they tell me that they're going to bring in new members now, no matter how they bring them in, I would quit.
Because I think the current six members are the best"

Wada: "By some possibility there might be some people who feel like S/mileage is getting left behind these days, but the members have absolutely no impatience.
Now, we as individuals have a ton of confidence.
I believe that the current six members are the greatest.
So I don't feel any concern, and I want to continue on this path"

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S/m is done for
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But Fuu-chan was trying so hard to show her S/m love in magazines and surveys and such
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Well, new members mean that the veterans are out of work
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That's the general exclusive sentiment of a group that's finished
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>If they tell me that they're going to bring in new members now, no matter how they bring them in, I would quit.

Well, now Tsunku's got an idea

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Hey, hey...
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This is bad
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This is her regretting what happened last time
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Ayacho is completely forgetting about her
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Yuukarin is white
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But she's the ace and is having a fulfilling life in college so it might be a good thing
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Is she saying that if Saki and Yuuka were to return to their old positions she would turn them away?
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As expected of Ayacho
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Well go ahead and put someone in, you jerk
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They are at the limits of their PA mixing channel
Their line division would get terrible and it would be so sad

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No matter how they do it, just seems like it would be auditions
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>>24 She'll just throw more karaage at the wall
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If I just take Fuuchan as my bride then everyone will be happy
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>>27 I'm begging you
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>>27 Treat me kindly
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>>27 Make her happy
I'm begging you

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It seems like Kosuga has already given up
She never mentions it anymore

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Sounds like a fight's brewing
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But MeiMei promised her she would come back
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I still think it would be fine for them to let a skilled girl in
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If they're all cute then I would be fine with it
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"Kosuga's dream"
Kosuga: I think even if I don't debut after a year, I'll be selected for a group, and there, our strength as a group will combine, and it would be nice for us to be thought of as the most powerful and energetic group of all, that's the group I'd like to join, so more and more I'll practice my dancing and singing and working even harder

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TOPYELL Latest Edition "S/mileage's two first generation members talk about their Egg days"
Nyon's "I might have been diverted a little,
but I think there was a reason for me being distracted at that time"
Those words reached my heart. A must-read for S/m wota.

40忍法帖【Lv=19,xxxPT】(1+0:8):2014/02/06(木) 18:43:21.36 P ID:

Fukuda "At the time when we were no longer 4 members, I thought that it would be better for us not to use the name S/mileage anymore.
Like it we should have been renamed.
I wondered if we couldn't have started over as a new 6-member group and kept the memory of 4-member S/mileage alive forever"

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Kosuga can be an honorary S/mileage
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Didn't she resolve not to quit until her body gave out?
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What should we do about this?
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Kosuga "My admired senior is Wada Ayaka-san"
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If they got the okay to run the article then they're probably not going to put anyone in, I think
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Then it's not okay for Bakuwara to stay how she is
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So by 6 she means 2 first gen and 4 second gen?
The submembers became 2nd gen, right?
But... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? That Kosuga-san...

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Fuuchan still looks like she's about to collapse, though
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Is it okay now for Kosuga not to try so hard?
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The easiest way to regain popularity is to bring in 3rd gen, Ayacho
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At Hello!Con behind the scenes and such it's painful to see 2nd gen at the same place as Kosuga
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But Fuuchan didn't betray anyone...
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I am shocked by Kosuga's position at this point
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Will Ricchan's next victim be Kosuga?
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That bastard Tsunku-san, once again
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You can't just add anyone in like normal now
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Ayacho it would be better to say you're hoping for new members rather than calling it impossible
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Bringing in Hamaura and Makino to the group would revitalize things
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Saying that a certain lineup is best is just sentimentality, she's not able to see reality

Interestingly, although the 2ch wota rarely agree on what should be done about bringing in new members, there's some definitive disagreement when the idea is proposed that no new members should be brought in at all, ever.

Well, the 1st gen weren't exactly ecstatic when they got new members in the first place so it's no surprise Ayacho would feel this way towards a 3rd gen. 2nd Gen ARE S/mileage now and she's probably not eager at all to repeat that phase of integrating the generations and getting to know the new girls any time soon.


Even though Sakitty and Yuukarin were my favorites of the 4nin line up, I do think the 6nin lineup is better and stronger overall. I don't mind if they want to make S/mileage another "generational" group but I want them to achieve success with THIS line up. I personally don't want to see a 3rd gen until S/mileage has gotten significantly closer to their senpai's success so there's no room for "oh the current lineup sucks, they need to find an ace" sentiments or someone else graduates, whichever happens first.

Part of what she's saying might be from pride, I think. Not to say that Saki and Yuuka weren't loyal to the group, but both Wada and Kanon have an attitude of "I want to die with the group," which can sometimes get warped around to "I want the group to die with me." I think it would hurt both of them to have to leave the group knowing that it would carry on without them. And I understand that, I do. They've put the majority of their lives into the company and nearly half of it into the group, and they deserve admiration and respect for it. However, by saying she never wants any new members ever again, she's declaring the end of the unit, which I don't want to see happen any time soon and it's slightly unpleasant for her to imply that she wants the group to end with these six, but if it can't, she'll just leave everyone else behind because she can't be bothered. I understand why she wouldn't want anyone else in the group, but I simply disagree.

i agree with dawa the current s/mileage are great the way they are but i feel they missing the quirkiness and the fun i  used to have when i watch heir video's 

18> kick my ass , but i would gladly exchange a dawa for saki + yuukarin ;)

PCC: you can but i would be a bad idea 

although dawa was very popular back then she is now the popular girl s/mileage ever had + i love DAWA♥

Of all the H!P heartbreaks I've ever experienced the loss of Saki and Yuuka was undoubtedly the worst. My willingness to follow them still hasn't recovered. Sometimes I dream of a line-up: Dawa, Fukuda, YUUKA, SAKI, Meimei, Takechan, Miyamoto-san, Sato-san! Of course I wouldn't want Maa-chan to be absent from MM so it's just a musing...