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Bakuwara's DVD is out lolololololololol

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 30 January 2014 · 1099 views

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You're serious, lololololololololololol
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I laughed so freaking hard lololololololololololololololololol
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So are there bathing suits or not?
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She has the face of a middle-aged lady
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Hey, hey, you're not being serious, this is a collector's item
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Isn't S/m amazing?
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Another slow-motion DVD?!
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She's a pure Kaitou Aiko
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She's a puffy Kaitou Aiko, lolololololol
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Bakuwara, lololololololololololololololol
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This is good, lol
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A rural middle school student, lololololololololololololol
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This is the biggest news of the year, lolololololololololololololol Bakuwara
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I thought this was some sort of junior idol video
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It's heeeeeeeeeeeere
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This girl is still at the age of her 3rd year in middle school, huh
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Even by my timing 59 playbacks or so and starting a thread, you must surely be at work
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She's kind of like a pure-hearted Maro
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She's adorable, lolololololololol
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I've been waitingーーーー
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That is the body of a genuine middle school girl
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I want this
It's good, makes me feel good

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Her figure is so pointlessly nice!
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There was no such girl as cute as this in my middle school, lol
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It's finally descended upon us
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Actually, I don't hate it
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An accomplishment of the agency
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Take it off, Bakuwara
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It kind of seems like she doesn't use the time well
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H!P dvd's aren't hot enough
Take more clothes off

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Is Pupu not there?!
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It's fine to laugh
but are you going to buy it?

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This will make somebody happy
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Bakuwara you are definitely cuter with your bangs parted or your ears sticking out
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She's so... normal...
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Bakuwara is plain but still cute
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She puts up a good fight as a lesser Kaho
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I'll combine it with Karin's and buy both
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She was actually really cute
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She's so cute in an average way, roflololol
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Bakuwara's putting out a normal idol DVD, huh, she should try out swimsuit gravure
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She's completely average...
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I think she's number 3 out of S/m in looks, though
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Baku-san so cute
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Bakuwara and Kananan were really cute
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The size of her eyes is different and whenever I look at them I feel uneasy
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And yet for some reason she has the best figure in all of H!P
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I feel like she started bakuwara-ing [*lmao] when she saw the DVD she had made
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At 2,980 yen it's a bargain
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Baku-san is fantastic
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Did they really upload it to youtube after shooting it like that in the style of a normal classmate's image video?
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I don't know if every look she gives is good one
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When she suddenly smiled I burst out laughing, lol
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Her skirt is so shooooooooooooooooooort
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S/m has Budokan now
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For some reason whenever I see Baku-san I smile
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Bakuwara-san lol
When did she get so cute lol

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It has begun
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She's honestly at the level
of if we were in the same school I might think she were cute but there are other girls who are cuter...

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There were some frantic people trying to usher in the age of Bakuwara, now I see why
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Of course Baku-san is cute in a normal-girl way
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Frankly she is perfect as an idol
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She's arrived
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Her face is super cute
Her body is top-rate

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This is what you would call 10th in the class

Even groups like AKB have a quality level of 5th

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A quality name
Lazy face
Nonchalant singing voice
Bright personality

It's all so refreshing

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I don't feel at all like she's a sadist
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The rare idol to song a solo in front of 6000 people 2 years in a row
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I see her as being extra cute
so I have no idea what the people who call her plain and ugly are talking about, lol

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She'll be just right around the age of 25...

Huh? Was there a cute of her actually appearing cute?

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It's finally heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere
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Before she looked like she belonged in AKB
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If you mix her in with AKB pictures you really can't tell a difference, she doesn't have an H!P sort of face
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Just by Baku-san walking away, I'm made to feel a part of the story

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S/m wota seeing Kaho in her is incredible
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Can you relax?
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There's a possibility that I'll regret not buying this for 10 years down the line
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She's finally been discovered?
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[b][b]The view from behind is so cute[/b][/b]
[b][b][b]233[/b]: [b]名無し募集中。。。:[/b]2014/01/29(水) 18:23:42.78 0 ID:[/b][/b]

[b][b]Baku-san is cute when she's cute, so I'm stuck on how to rank her
Her body is of the highest caliber, too[/b][/b]

[b][b][b]229[/b]: [b]名無し募集中。。。:[/b]2014/01/29(水) 18:23:29.63 0 ID:[/b][/b]

[b][b]Up until now idols who put out the feeling of normal middle school girls have actually been precious[/b][/b]


I have gotten really good at typing lolololololololololol, for the record, almost entirely thanks to Rinapuu threads.

I laughed so hard when I saw H!O's tweet about her DVD. I knew 2ch would love it.


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S/m has Budokan now

The best comment.

This surely will be the turning point for S/m! If a bathing suit comes out, AKB can start packing their bags.



now all we need is a greeting DVD of sleepy-juice yuka! it will be a real collector's item! lololol?

Ahaha. I've become used to seeing Bakuwara in threads like these, but I was kind of surprised to see Takechan use it on Twitter.