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Notice regarding Nakanishi Kananan, whose hair was cut by the agency but it suits her marvelously so it's all right

Posted by Lurkette, in Translations, Matome 10 November 2013 · 506 views

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Kana's plan was
to become a new me!
My hair...
I cut it
I cut! A lot!

It's awesome, huh!
How 'bout it?
Ta da

On cutting my hair, I actually decided it before starting the play,
I was super nervous and restless!
But there were tons and tons of worries,
Until today I hadn't put it up on the blog or on Twitter,
And today at Naruchika, I revealed my transformation in front of everyone,

Before I went out I was concerned that people would boo or if they would be mad, maybe?I worried a lot!
But lots of people came and told me it looked good so I was happy.

Long hair might be better, I might not look good, but
Because this is the personality of Kana who doesn't easily change her mind,
I'd be really happy if you all could continue supporting me!!
I'll work hard so that you'll like my current hairstyle
It's a lot easier to wash my hair in the bath now, but I also feel sort of sad about it.

Thank you to my long hair that walked with me through things like the Yattaruchan Daisakusen and so forth

Hona (*^_^*)

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It really suits her, she's so cuuuute lolololololololol

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It really is

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It's another Bakuwara

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Somehow I'm recalling Mano-chan

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This is...


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Hey isn't this Tsukapon?
Even though I'm starting to forget her...

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It's so refreshing, it's great

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I thought it would be a huge failure when they made Karin-chan cut her hair but it was a huge success
Kananan's is also a success
The ones who won't lose to the harassment of the damn agency are the true visual-oriented members

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Kananan is so cute!

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I really want to tell her to her face how cute she is
But there are no LIVEs...

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There is "Naruchika," you know

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Naruchika is too far away
All of them are so far out from the city

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My feelings of wanting to go out on a date with her are incredibly strong

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Try looking at Nakky's blog
Shockingly cute

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Hey hey
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So good

Thanks for this!  It's great to see all these positive reactions to Kanana's haircut ♥

I agree with everyone, especially the one that pointed out her resemblance to Aina.