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A walk in the mind of Corrugo

Stumbling.. but haven't fallen!

Posted by Corrugo, 24 September 2022 · 117 views

Ugh there's so much to go through if I'm being honest and I feel like a lot of it would get me in trouble or at least have people questioning my sanity. Which I mean yeah.. that's fair. I also often question my sanity. Look at how I'm writing this blog. That's neither here nor there. It's actually over yonder but again.. not the point.

I feel like this i...

A dream come true?

Posted by Corrugo, 02 August 2016 · 587 views

I haven't had much of a reason to post on these anymore.. I usually just talk to Bruce or Mecum and quite frankly Brenda knows ALL of the things.

Aiyaa.. I've been wanting to post and write this stuff down for soo friggin' long but I haven't had a friggin' chance.

I always feel better and more.. expressed(?) when I post and or write my thoughts down so....

It's not always about holdin' hands..

Posted by Corrugo, 11 August 2011 · 403 views

(Quote from Wesley to Fred when she asked if he hated Lilah, Season 4)

I dunno why I've been coming to H!O less and less but I do blame PokeFarm for a good deal of it.

So this summer as always there was the Pottery Festival, a small carnival of sorts for the city.

Of course I went with Bruce mostly, though the second day was.. Nose bleed...

Huuaahh.. >Le sigh< (Alt: You take the good.. you take the bad..)

Posted by Corrugo, 25 March 2011 · 507 views

::Facts of Life - Opening::

I usually started with "I dunno.." so I'm going to continue that streak!

I dunno what it is exactly but things have been.. wanky. I was gonna say wonky but it didn't seem wonky enough so I choose wanky.

Why are they wanky you ask?

Well Billy, you see when the world never seems to be living up to your...

Love confession/speech?

Posted by Corrugo, 09 March 2011 · 387 views

I dunno if it was due to the dreams of Stephanie or the obsession with Scrubs episodes I've recently reignited. (I've been playing Final Fantasy V and for the boring training parts I have to have something to listen to, I chose Scrubs episodes)

Anyway.. I was gonna lay down and wanted to change my Facebook status to what JD said to Elliot in...

The Chosen One (Original Story by me)

Posted by Corrugo, 12 February 2011 · 503 views

((This is roughly chapter one and I'd like some thoughts on it - good or bad are welcome. I'm not really looking for grammar fixes or anything like that, mostly the story and characters I'd like opinions on, y'know the important stuff lol))

"The Chosen One"

"Two Warriors, One Destiny"

He looks down at the body...

Cynar, Assa and Hikari

Posted by Corrugo, 09 February 2011 · 274 views

I can't remember WHY I felt the need to do this.. but I'm sure I had a good reason for it, so here I go!

Alright so like.. 9 years ago, Greatest Summer of My Life, Yu Yu Hakusho, Final Fantasy, Corrupting Young Children, Anim3 and Pool Time, yo.

Mecum goes away for vacation, comes back and he has written a story, starring himself as Knayde...

Let's make it a road where we'll run into a wonderful person!

Posted by Corrugo, 03 February 2011 · 215 views

Huh I JUST noticed what I have under the blog title - haha that sounds awesome!

Ah right, focus..

::Morning Musume - I wish:: (As I'm sure [people could tell from the name of the blog haha)

It just bugs me, y'know? I dunno what that was even in reference to but I'm pretty sure it was needed. :good:

Well first off is Bruce messaged me,...

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