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A Girl Called Snapple. > My Collection!

Posted 17 April 2012

We'll start with these two magazines I picked up in London.

Posted Image


Posted Image

My very small but very good AKB collection (not including mags and PB's)

Posted Image

Some of my CD's and the old style H!P DVD's....

A Girl Called Snapple. > Personal Attackers - Come Forward!

Posted 12 April 2012

Right. So obviously I have a lot of haters on here. A lot of very rude, very cowardly haters. So here's your chance, want to find out something about me? Want to clarify an opinion I have on life or on H!P/AKB/Any other idols? Want to poke fun at me for your own stupid glorification?

I'd MUCH rather you hate on me in public than post those...

A Girl Called Snapple. > iTunes Relisten [Part 5] Probably nowhere near the end.

Posted 03 April 2012

Artists that I have been listening to since I re-started this iTunes relisten:

- Annie Lennox
- La Roux
- Ai Kago
- Gackt
- Berryz
- C-ute
- Red Hot Chili Peppers
- Perfume
- Lady Gaga
- Metallica
- Michael Jackson
- Paramore
- The Greys Anatomy soundtracks (I don't actually watch the show religiously but the soundtracks have a good mixture...

A Girl Called Snapple. > iTunes Relisten [Part 4] - Home Run!

Posted 02 February 2012

So I am getting quite near to the end now, it has taken me a lot longer than I thought. It's been a great experience though, I hope I don't have to do it again for a long time as it has really slowed me down listening to new releases! I'm a good 3-4 months behind!

Here are the thoughts from Part 4!

44. Buono! are the...

A Girl Called Snapple. > Things I will and will not miss about England.

Posted 24 January 2012

So I am moving back to the homeland (Australia) in 3 weeks, and I am really looking forward to it. I was thinking today that there will be things I will miss and things I will be glad to see the back of as I move back to Melbourne.

Things I will Miss:

1. The endless access to comedy.
2. Being right next to Europe.
3. ALL the music acts tour...