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19 April 2012 - 08:36 AM

Is anyone watching the ITV Miniseries? Or has seen it? (I've seen episodes 1+2 and they are amazing)

AND how is everyone enjoying Titanic 3D?

Game of Thrones

18 December 2011 - 05:18 PM

Mods can we PLEASE have a TV sub forum?

Or just re-name this sub forum [TV+Movies] or something?

Whose been watching? I'm upto episode 6. Amazing stuff!!! So awesome! I'm getting the book box set for my birthday too which is ace.

Please pre-face ANY posts with a spoiler with [spoiler] or under a highlight, also feel free to talk about the books or TV show here.

J-Pop Oldies

27 November 2011 - 02:12 AM

There are so many amazing J-pop stars from way back. The ones that come to mind for me are:

Mariko Takahashi
Gomen ne

Seiko Matsuda
80's medly

Momoko Kikuchi
Seishun no Ijiwaru

Momoe Yamaguchi

Akina Nakamori
Shoujo A

This is a thread for idols and musicians. It just has to be oldies. I suppose to me that means anytime before about 1995, but really more 80's and before. I would have included Chisato Moritaka but there is already a very well maintained thread for her that you should all check out.

Who do you guys love when it comes to older J-pop artists and groups?

Snap up Snapple's Sales!

04 November 2011 - 05:00 PM

Howdy-Hoo peeps. I need to get rid of this stuff and thought I'd try here before I try eBay.


- I am willing to ship anywhere around the world so long as you pay the shipping. I'll always check before we finalize the order.
- If you need any extra information, let me know and I would be happy to give it to you.
- I am located in the UK.
- All DVD's are Region 2, and ALL items are official products (not Chinese, Taiwanese etc)
- I accept Paypal.

All prices are in GBP


Risako Sugaya 2nd PB - Pure+ ~ (without DVD) ~ £10

Posted Image


Berryz Koubou First Live PB - Marugoto - £12

Posted Image


Natsumi Abe Single CD 'Yume Naraba' (cover is a bit creased but it comes with Nacchi photocards! <3) - £6

Posted Image


H!P 10th Anniversary Concert - 'Hello!Pro Natsu Matsuri!' (2disc) - £12

Posted Image


H!P 2003 Concert - 'Tanoshinjattemasu!' - £10

Posted Image


Sakuragumi + Otomegumi 'Sakura Mankai + Yuujou etc etc' Single V - £7

Posted Image


Folk Songs 3 Live (with Yuko, Maki and Miki) - £15

Posted Image

10% off everything and if you buy more than one item we can probably work out a good deal! <3


Pirates of the Caribbean!

20 May 2011 - 12:39 PM

I just adore this funny, swashbuckling, adventure series. I saw the 4th one the other day and it's really good, (even better without Keira Knightly...who always kind of annoys me)

Anyone else love this series? Johnny Depp is effin awesome. <3 AND I LOVE ME SOME GEOFFREY RUSH <3 <3 <3