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Entries in December 2009
25 Dec Sol Invictus 1 Comments
24 Dec Problematic Transgending(Crossdressing) views in the Tsuji Nozomi thread. 0 Comments
24 Dec A win for the Democratic Party of Japan, is a move to a better Japan 0 Comments
24 Dec Barack Obama is a bourgeois sell-out and Corporate pinhead moderate 0 Comments
24 Dec Gloria Steinem and a disagreement on Porn vs. Erotica and on Transsexualism 1 Comments
24 Dec Patriarchal Evolutionary Psychology, Simplified into one picture 0 Comments
24 Dec The basics for the current state of the Gay Marriage Debate 0 Comments
24 Dec Struggling to get out a new entry on one topic. 0 Comments
24 Dec AABB55 was an old draft that I apparently never published due to embarassment/sensitive material 0 Comments
24 Dec What should I call this entry? AABB55 until I figure out 0 Comments
24 Dec Welcome back the new and ever more unapologetically political kireikoori 0 Comments
Entries in April 2008
27 Apr Hugbees! 1 Comments
27 Apr It's that time again! 0 Comments
23 Apr I always daydream of the craziest things... 0 Comments
Entries in March 2008
27 Mar More bands, interests, and perhaps a little boasting about college 0 Comments
27 Mar Finally a new blog entry 0 Comments
Entries in November 2007
27 Nov Grandmother died 3 Comments
26 Nov Aibon's mom Kago Aki 0 Comments
26 Nov Various mystic/personality things, Astrology, Bloodtypes and ect. 0 Comments
16 Nov All my friends at college stink 0 Comments
13 Nov Overworked and Underpaid 0 Comments
Entries in September 2007
07 Sep So..a few weeks into this school semester.. 0 Comments
Entries in August 2007
26 Aug The Chinese Girls in Momusu 0 Comments
26 Aug HEAVY MECHUL!! \m/ 0 Comments
26 Aug I lurve teh punk rawk 0 Comments
26 Aug My comments on a couple of youtube users. 2 Comments
26 Aug Japan related forums(a rant/interests) 1 Comments
Entries in April 2007
13 Apr Japanese schoolgirls are tough! 2 Comments
Entries in February 2007
26 Feb Another wasted day 1 Comments
10 Feb Just started this thing 3 Comments

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