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What should I call this entry? AABB55 until I figure out

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 24 December 2009 · 144 views

It would be nice to keep controversial or offensive subject matter off of hello!online, but I'm frustrated right now.

Some people just don't know middle ground when talking about Japan.
One person is either saying Japan is just oh so xenophobic, or hate x group. And then another person is saying things like "Japanese like Westerners".
I noticed the "Japanese like Westerners" one was said in the Yaguchi Mari thread in relation to Magibon.

You notice how contradictory these two statements are?

People need to learn that Japan is like every other country, and even they are supposedly a so called "group culture", just just can't put people into a box.
Japan is not the most dystopian country that will hate you if you're not Japanese, and they won't think you're special either. Good grief.

Both are delusional and too far on one side of the scale or the other.
If someone like Magibon gets popular in Japan, there's not much else to it that then. Magibon's fanbase started in Japan, she's competent enough in their culture for them to take notice, and she's cute and acts like an idol, so she's gotten popular not just in Japan, but around the world.

People need to stop labeling Japan has being dystopian and having a superiority complex, or somehow weaker than the "West" and has an inferiority complex.
Japan does some things that are "Western", they are of course global and a first world country. There's nothing wrong with this. And saying these things is not flattering when people say things like this. And when people blame us for things like this in a negative light, it's now gone from belittling Japan, to insulting the West.

And when you say Japan is so bad, you're demonizing and insulting Japan.

It's just like some the things I've read blaming America for all this awful stuff we're not guilty of, we're not perfect, but we don't deserve to be demonized.

Japan is a country like any other. If you like it, it will be a paradise, despite having problems like everywhere else. If you go over there with a chip on your shoulder already, you're going to stay over there with a chip on your shoulder and look for the bad in everything anyone will do to you over there.

There are Japanese Americans who come to our country saying things just as bad about the country. I know I've read for too much of it. And they sound just as bad as people who go to Japan and have a chip on their shoulder about everything and whining about how bad everything is. Some of these Japanese Americans and other immigrants say some really stupid and demonizing thing to this country and they shouldn't, because they're choosing to live in it. And they need to stop the stupid, offensive whining, and gain some sense.

I am a British American, I am part of the founding ethnicity of this country. And that does not make a bad person. And the Japanese or Korean or whatever other Americans would would demonize me for it as many have, don't deserve to be here if they're going to be so cruel and intolerance toward us.

Being non-Japanese in Japan makes you a minority, but that does not mean you have the excuse to be jerk and whine about everything. It's the same problem that is here in America. Being non-Anglo American in the United States and being non-Japanese in Japan, neither one gives you a be a whiny jerk pass.

I'm sorry, but I needed that rant. Because I've just about had it up to here with all this extreme stupidity everywhere about this stuff.

When Ai Kago came to America, did she pass harsh judgment upon this country and it's people? No, it was a paradise for her. Because she needed an escape from her own country.
Yes, she was seeking solace in the arms of another country for a time. Big deal. She had the time of her life.

I'm sorry again. I just can't take how much all this negative energy eats at me. I have to displace it somehow. Of all places I was stupid enough to displace it here though.
I'm going to save this as a draft for now, because I'm not confident enough to actually publish it yet. Maybe I will in the future.

There will probably be another one someday. So bare with please.


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