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The Shueisha channel that did the Akira Toriyama Youtube Partner relief donation channel has now uploaded an AKB48 version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHoZdd6NY08 Updated 23 Mar · 0 comments

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    I once had this really huge list(it took a long time to write too) and then went &quot;Oh my how controversial offensive embarrassing interests&quot;...and then saw Krusha's list that was just like mine and went &quot;What on earth was I thinking? Must write again&quot;. So here I go.<br /><br />Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, Human Biology, Sociology, Drama, Quantum Mechanics, Metaphysics, Linguistics, Art, Japanese studies, Celtic studies, Finnish studies, Martial Arts, Boardsports.<br /><br />Haha, a lot of my interests are the same as Krusha's. There's only so much out there I guess. As you can see I don't have many interests that are easy to get a career in, sadly. I have more interests than this, but I'm going blank and getting bored of this list. I'll come back and edit it later.<br /><br />I would consider music an interest of mine, since I listen to it all day. My favorite genres are as follows:<br />1. Emotional Hardcore<br />When you want to scream, but can't, Screamo screams for you. Desperate piercing screams. Along with extremely melodic soothing instruments. Nothing soothes depression and anger like this. <br />2. Death Metal<br />My lesser loved similar to Emotional Hardcore genre. It is intense.<br />3. Doom Metal<br />Almost tied with Death Metal, many times I like it more.<br />4. Black Metal<br />Good Black Metal is better than Death Metal, however this is rare.<br />5. Ambient<br />I wasn't sure whether to put this or Ethereal, since the two are almost exactly the same thing. But I finally decided on the term Ambient instead. Unlike the Metal and Emotional Hardcore, this is pure cooldown music.<br />6. Contemporary Classical<br />A lot of modern day soundtracks would be considered part of this genre would they not? Well...the music stands on it's own.<br />7. Neofolk<br />Very ambient soothing music that has...the elements of a lot of other styles I enjoy.<br />8. Darkwave<br />There's a lot music I like within this little bunches of genres like EBM, Industrial, Electro, Aggrotech and ect. It's confusing and I just decided to settle on the term &quot;Darkwave&quot;.<br />9. Celtic Music<br />Or probably better labeled as Celtic folk. Celtic music of course meaning all traditional oriented music of Irish, Scottish, Welsh and all Celtic peoples. Meaning Mogwai is not a part of this. I feel sort of bad that this genre is so low on my list, considering how Celtic culture enthusiastic I am. Somehow even my love for my favorite cultures is overclouded by modern general music genres.<br />10. Eurobeat<br />I wasn't sure whether to put this or J-Pop, in fact I had a fairly hard time deciding. But I went with Eurobeat, J-Pop's close cousin and more purely a genre than J-Pop. With all the anger and madness of Emotional Hardcore and Death Metal and other Extreme music....and the ambient relatedness of Ambient and Neofolk, sometimes people need pure sugar in contrast. Eurobeat is definitely pure sugar.<br /><br />Well, I believe that makes a top ten.<br /><br />I expect to copy and past this thing to my h!o blog before I stupidly delete it again.

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