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Problematic Transgending(Crossdressing) views in the Tsuji Nozomi thread.

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 24 December 2009 · 365 views

Tsuji Nozomi and her husband make a great couple.
And Sugirua's sexuality shouldn't matter, lest she was a "cover" for his sexuality which she is likely not.

But when he crossdressed, a few users seemed concerned. This never did truly leave my mind and always left me a bit disturbed and wanting to leave a comment on the matter. A person said they were "worried" about his appearance on a television show, crossdress. Which I might add was quite ravishing if I do say so myself. And I asked basically, "what the problem?". To which, I was responded, "I'm worried he's gay".

Such a thing caught me off guard and I didn't know what to say. I figured I'd allow this ridiculous statement to stand alone.
But long after, I've regretted not taking the discussion further.

Crossdressing or being Transgender, not conforming to gender roles, is not an indicator of sexuality and is far different from being a homosexual or bisexual.
Stereotyping butch women as lesbians and effeminate men as gays, is wrong and should stop.

Tsuji's husband crossdressing on television like that showed nothing else but a certain demographic's fascination with crossdressing and his own open-mindedness about gender roles. Tell me, what is the point of having gendered clothing in the first place. Are women who wear pants lesbians or "thinkg they're men"? Of course not, people have long grown out of that "women should wear dresses" and today such statements would be considered sexist. So why should it be any different for a man to wear women's clothing. Futhermore, if telling women they should not wear pants is sexist, of what gender equality good is further separation of clothing gender roles?

Further put, I think that gender roles themselves are undesirable and a hindrance to a future of REAL gender equality.
I applaud Taiyou for doing that, I made me like him even more.

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