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Welcome back the new and ever more unapologetically political kireikoori

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 24 December 2009 · 97 views

Hello y'all. I've been gone a while. You know I felt stuck here. I felt for the longest time I wasn't welcome in the hello!project fanbase due to aibon related matter and opposing two majority factions of the hello!project fandom/hatedom.

You've probably been one of those people to look at my blogs and posts to think "hey, this...


Posted by 綺麗な氷, 27 April 2008 · 211 views

That last entry I made had me in the mood to say hugbees. :lol:

All that I made writing my last blog...I figured I'd come back to the W thread and there'd be a new post. But there wasn't, sadly.
So, I have to think of something to say or I'll go crazy. AND YOU DON'T WANT THAT DO YA?

So...uh..what am I going to say? I'll just ramble...

It's that time again!

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 27 April 2008 · 97 views

I'm in the habit of coming to hello!online again, no new posts in the W thread and I have things on my mind.
And you know what that means! Time for a blog!

Well actually, I had my mind on a lot of things when I was in the shower, but it's like they went through the drain pipe.
I try to search back into my memory and recover them. Or...

I always daydream of the craziest things...

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 23 April 2008 · 99 views

When not checking things on the internet while listening to music, I'm often daydreaming of something. I have a bit of a wild imagination as I'm always daydreaming of grandiose things. Made further by the fact I spur it by choosing to listen to epic music.

I often dream of having some sort of superpowers, like found in a lot of movies with an...

More bands, interests, and perhaps a little boasting about college

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 27 March 2008 · 125 views

Second entry for tonight! Instead of putting out a little every day, I'm making these things large spurts.

Haha! My interest in reading about haplogroups all the time finally paid off! I got a 125 out of 120 on my Biology powerpoint. That's over %100 right there. That is bonus credit. Booyah!

...lol...I just said booyah.


Finally a new blog entry

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 27 March 2008 · 221 views

I've been away for a while. Oh dear, I'm scared to even read any comments I might have gotten on my earlier blog entries. For one I filled my blog entries with some intense aibon fanboying. But...that's what I made my blog for. And that's the main reason I go to this forum, to express my Ai Kago fanboyism. I promised myself I wouldn't...

Grandmother died

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 27 November 2007 · 118 views

Yup. Just today my Grandmother died. She lived a long life though. Lived till 102.
I didn't know her say...as well as my own parents. But it's definitely a bummer.

Hmmm....how interesting. As life died another is reborn. This is also the day that Tsuji gave birth to her daughter Noa.

My dad is 59 and my mom is only two years behind him. He'll...

Aibon's mom Kago Aki

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 26 November 2007 · 1163 views

There's still enough left in my mind right now that I'd like to make yet another blog entry tonight. I might make three or so more tonight actually. I have a lot on my mind.

This time I'd like to say some things about Kago Aki's mom. I think that what this one will mostly be about.

Kago Aki's mom seems pretty cool to me. I mean...

Various mystic/personality things, Astrology, Bloodtypes and ect.

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 26 November 2007 · 152 views

I've been meaning to make another blog entry about things on my mind. And yet fearful of doing so because I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth.
(that's an -American?- saying for those of you who don't know...means...I have a habit of saying stupid embarrassing things)

Ok...let's get this thing started.

It's funny, both my...

All my friends at college stink

Posted by 綺麗な氷, 16 November 2007 · 164 views

Nothing incredibly anti-them personally. Just a bit of frustration.

There's just none of them I have anything in common with hardly. The only person I did doesn't go to my college anymore.
I go up to the gazebo and hang out a lot. None of them listen to Jpop of course. They aren't even into the other music I'm into. Even all the metalcore...

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