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TofuMan's Fan Stuff > Berryz' Field Guide

Posted 10 April 2011

As a relatively recent Berryz fan I can vividly remember how difficult it was to tell them apart at first. Especially in older videos / material. To help my kids out I'm trying to put together a "Berryz Field Guide".

I tried doing...

Learning Japanese > Visually Sorted Kanji

Posted 21 February 2011

In my last blog post I talked about trying to get some sort of similarity continuum for the "whole" Kanji (solid Kanji, or darn close to solid Kanji). Think I'm pretty close to a visually sorted set now:


Learning Japanese > Hey- haven't I seen that before?

Posted 19 February 2011

So, I'm trying to work my way through learning Kanji. I've got a few resources- they're very useful, but... I keep getting frustrated by the order things are introduced. I understand why they're grouped the way they are- but it is causing me issues as similar looking Kanji keep popping up. In an effort to provide some visual continuity...

Learning Japanese > Kanji Font Craziness

Posted 15 February 2011

Getting a handle on what fonts are available and what the differences are wasn't easy. As I'm using Windows 7 I'll go over what is available on Windows. The fonts that come with Windows also come with Mac Office for those that do Mac.

"Mincho" or "Ming" style fonts are the "serif" fonts. They have thick...

Learning Japanese > The self-teacher

Posted 09 February 2011

I've always taught myself. Classes usually don't work well with me- either too slow or too focused on simple fact memorization.

My usual learning method:

  • skim read once, deep read the second time
  • get several books on the same subject and read them all
  • some combination of the above

This time I started out pretty much...