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Fukumura Mizuki's Translated Graduation Speech

Posted by sukibeam, 30 November 2023 · 287 views

fukumura mizuki morning musume graduation translation
I am by no means fluent in Japanese and have done my best to impart the translation of Fukumura's graduation letter/speech since online translation tools weren't exactly right in places. Original Japanese is in the spoiler.

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I, Fukumura Miziku, today on 11/29 will graduate from Morning Musume.
On 1/2/2011
Tsunku-san cast a spell with his magic words
And from that day on I was part of Morning Musume.

I loved Hello! Project so much
During my audition I could only forcefully say "I LOOOOOOVE IT!"

I could feel the gap between myself and the world I dreamed of,
and came to understand the hard work and tenacity necessary was many times more than I had thought.
Though I worried about the middle ground of this thing I liked and the work involved,
I was given encouraging words by my seniors,
and the messages in Tsunku-san's songs helped me a lot.

There are always reassuring members surrounding me,
And together with those members,
I'm really happy we were able to overcome doing 5 concerts in 3 days, concerts every day during Golden Week,
and doing the 40-minute non-stop outdoor music festival in the middle of summer.

And the fans who give us so much love no matter what,
Because of your ample love, we are able perform our activities with smiles.

Even in the future, when I remember everyone's supportive words,
I think it will never cease to give me strength.
Truly, I thank you.

Because Morning Musume. is always moving forward,
I still can't contemplate what to do with myself after tomorrow.
But at last, I got a leading part in my dream,
And I will entrust that dream to my juniors.

There are a lot of wonderful girls in Morning Musume.
The 17th gen, who have only been members for half a year, still have worried faces during rehearsals,
But on stage, they show a completely different side.
Haru-san and Ako-chan, you will continue to steadily gaining experience and become Morning Musume. in your own ways!

16th gen. It's thanks to Rairi that, even though it's only been 2 years since you joined, we are such good friends.
Rairi possesses many qualities that she has brought to Morning Musume.
The current Queen of facial expressions!
From here on, let's continue to support one another

Mei, a loving and free spirit who radiates power
Homare, whose core strength is her adorableness
Kita, as elegant and lovely as a lake
Each of the amazing 15th gen members has their own way of singing
The three of them are so healing ~ there is so much love that all the members somehow turned into grannies LOL
Despite having this kind of power,
I'll watch over you without worries in your great efforts

13th gen. Yoko-chan is talented and has an unshakeable sense of security.
Although she is spoiled, she is still an older sister herself, and helped me in various ways.
I'm sure she will continue to naturally support everyone
Kind Yoko-chan, thank you so much.

12th gen were unveiled on this stage 9 years ago!
Together with the three of them, we grew in a big way.
Nonaka with her delicate yet resonating bold voice
Maria, who puts in homerun levels of effort
Akane-chin, who is brimming with affection, though it can be a little overwhelming LOL
I believe the unwavering hearts of these three will make Morning Musume. strong going forward

Oda, though she is peculiar, is a bundle of nothing but love
I hope in the future she will have fun activities with that same Oda-like love of Morning Musume., love of music, and love of rhythm!
Thank you for always encouraging me through song.

Ayumin is the only one in Hello Pro who is the same age as me
I have so many memories of AyuMizuki ~
The competitive spirit, the motivation, the amount of passion!
In the future, make the most of your strong points and shine brightly

Eripon, who is the same generation as me
Thank you for always being by my side and supporting me for 13 years.
Her strong point is her conviction.
I watched her become a place various people could place their love
If it's Eripon, it's alright.
Take care of the future Morning Musume, okay!

I don't think Morning Musume. will ever be something in the future that leaves my mind.
There is no existing replacement for it, nor for the comrades I was able to make.

On this Yokohama Arena stage

"Come down!" (T/N: Oritoide! is what Tsunku said when he called her down after announcing her as the surprised 4th member of 9th gen)
The girl who was happy from the improbability of that day,
Is today the most fortunate of people.
Seeing the beautiful koi-pink like this... I am so happy.

Thank you for everything until now.
For meeting me, for getting to know me, I am grateful.
No matter how many years pass, I will think "Thank you for that time".

As far as I'm concerned, everyone will always - will forever be special to me.
Truly, thank you so much.

Morning Musume. Fukumura Mizuki

Thanks for the translation!

Thank you so much!

I miss you, mizuki

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