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H!P and MM Google Docs Update

Posted by sukibeam, 03 April 2019 · 2513 views

Let me start off by saying I know most people just turn to Wikipedia or the Hello! Project Wikia when they're looking something up nowadays. Still, I appreciate the few who've used my Google Docs as references.

Over a decade ago, when those pages lacked a lot of information (which could be found in mostly Japanese-language sources), I started translating and compiling things on my own. I've since made the transition to Google Docs so I can share that work with everyone. I do occasionally see a couple others looking at it, but it seems the wikis have all put the same information up for the masses.

I've basically come to a point in my life where I have less and less time to spend on maintaining things that either 1) no one is interested in or 2) can easily be found elsewhere. Thus:
  • The Morning Musume in Concert Google Doc will be updated until the end of Morning Musume's current spring tour. Honestly, this is the most time-consuming of the Google Docs, and everything is readily available on the Hello Wikia. I spent a lot of time cross-referencing several Japanese sources to find the super old OG Era setlists, but I've noticed those subsequently got put up on English-language places.
  • The Timeline At A Glance Google Doc is iffy. I might continue updating the Morning Musume sheet for my own interest, but I've not even thought about the other two sheets in a while. Likelihood is that this Doc will also be retired after this year due to the MM Compendium having a Calendar sheet in it as well.

I also started a MM Lineup Visual Guide, which I plan to keep updated (as it won't be changing often either), but I don't even know that anyone is using it?

Anyway, for the few who pop in, thank you and I hope the Compendiums will continue to be a useful reference.

I often find myself looking at the H!P Data Compendium to compare numbers and dates for different groups when a new single is released, so I'm very thankful for the work you've been doing. Now that I'm aware of the MM Lineup Visual Guide, I'll definitely be coming back to that every now and then for reference as well. As I was going through it I was curious about how you would handle it after the 15th gen gets added, but that preview for Lineup 42 was an excellent answer, along with the shock of realizing from the note that there would be 7 consecutive generations present if (when) a 15th gen gets added before the 9ki grads.

I'm not sure how long ago I found your Compendium, but I have been coming back regularly ever since. It is a wonderful resource, and I too am very thankful for the work you have put into it over the years. I have no problems with the changes you want to make as I spent most of my time browsing through the Hello! Project Sheets. The new MM Lineup Visual Guide looks good. Will it continue to be stand-alone, or will it be added to the Morning Musume Sheets page?

The new MM Lineup Visual Guide looks good. Will it continue to be stand-alone, or will it be added to the Morning Musume Sheets page?


It will be a stand-alone Doc, due to having so many individual sheets. I realized though, I haven't linked to it on the main Compendiums ^.^;


I'm glad to know the effort is useful to others, and will always take suggestions on how to present the data better. Thank you both for the kind words!

This thread is already a few months old, but I found it just now.

Thank you very much for these spreadsheets. I am slowly learning about Morning Musume and other H!P groups, and your MM Data Compendium and Lineup Visual Guide are pure gold.

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