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What happens to our stars?

Posted by mountainoluv, 23 November 2022 · 412 views

Asuka Hinoi Shimobee drama Thailand
What happens to our stars? In this post, I will address the career trajectory of stars. We discover a new star. We decide we really like that star and start following them. Is it inevitable that at some point, that their entertainment careers will end?

You may be wondering what got me on this topic. Here it is . . .

Occasionally, I go through my ‘following’ list on Twitter. The people I follow are listed in chronological order, with the first people I followed all the way at the bottom of the list. I must scroll through 2,000+ people on the list to get back to the first people I followed. When I get to the end (or the beginning, if you look at it that way) of the list, I usually click on the accounts of some of my favorite stars. The other day, I clicked on the account of Asuka Hinoi. She has the web address of her agency/management company. I clicked on it and the link didn’t work . . . a 404 Error Not Found. I started wondering, did she get dropped by her agency? That wouldn’t be good. Maybe her agency went out of business. While not such a direct reflection on Asuka, that wouldn’t be good either.

Here’s some positive news. I saw on a website called MyDramaList that she got a TV role. She appeared as Saotome (a nurse) in two episodes of the drama ‘Shimobee’ in 2022.

I was looking at her tweets and basically she just tweets links to her Instagram posts. It looks like she went to Thailand. I’m not sure if it is for a vacation or if she moved there. I hope this isn’t the end of Asuka Hinoi’s career in the entertainment industry. I wish her the best of luck, no matter the path she chooses to follow.

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