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Asuka Hinoi appears in short film 'No Return'

Posted by mountainoluv, 27 September 2021 · 717 views

Asuka HinoiHinoi Team Amazon Music Music 4 Cinema No Return Ryo Nishikido film short film
Asuka Hinoi appears in short film 'No Return' This post relates to Asuka Hinoi, former leader of J-pop para-para group Hinoi Team. Since Hinoi Team disbanded in 2007, Asuka has been pursuing an acting career. She has had recurring and guest roles on television series. She has also appeared in feature films, some of which were critically acclaimed. (See previous posts in this blog.)

Recently (summer 2021), she was featured in an Amazon Music original short film, ‘No Return,’ starring Ryo Nishikido. The film was part of its new Music 4 Cinema project. The director / screenplay author was Daihachi Yoshida. Asuka’s character was the ex-girlfriend of the lead actor. She had been crying, so she had an odd look, with runny mascara. Regardless, Asuka did a great job, exuding a lot of emotion in her role. She even had a physical component to her role, by taking a swing at her ex-boyfriend!

I’m so glad that Asuka Hinoi continues to get acting roles and build her resume. Maybe this will lead to a bigger job for Asuka. She has had some ups and downs in the entertainment industry, but she continues to persevere. I wish her the best of luck!

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