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In Topic: W (ダブルユー)

17 May 2008 - 01:47 AM

I have an entire PB of those pictures of various Morning Musume members,

really? mind sharing? haha :wub:

In Topic: W (ダブルユー)

19 April 2008 - 05:06 AM

And look at this one.

Just an electronics related advertisement. People just trying to capitalize on her name. :P

Well, I flagged it as spam :good: hahaha

On my youtube playlist a lot of the videos say "video unavailabe". Yet a bunch of those were uploaded before the scandal.
I don't understand why they would remove videos of someone whom they no longer sell. :/

Probably talk-shows or copyrighted material affiliated with h!p. Unless the video is being re-recorded and uploaded with different name tags and exempted from fag reports, they would be deleted.

I've noticed that most of her blog entries occur in the early afternoon in Tokyo..........meaning we can see them sometimes around midnite in the US.

nice observation, let's join the stalker group! :good: hahaha j/k

Two things come to mind here: she really HAS lost all of her baby fat...............I've never seen her legs that thin.

Really? i'll share a few of her thin legs..
Posted Image Posted Image
Her legs were always thinner than nono in W so I'd always looked at her as having thin legs :/

maybe this would seem like an otaku shot but uh...*scratch nose* she seems to have big thighs and thin legs...weird combinationation eh?
Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image
"Check out my thin sexy legs biatches!"

ahem...i just want to make it clear that i'm ...not no leg fetish person and .... i have no clue why i'm posting these leg photos of aibon.. i guess everything is cool when it comes to her.

"everything is cool," i love that line from her ^^

umm...about the list...that's kind of a cheap way of doing it hahahaha

Sure, if that makes you happy I'll add my name to the list.

The List:
1. Puffy Love
2. Sh!Nk-0

In Topic: W (ダブルユー)

10 April 2008 - 03:39 PM

All her new pictures are interesting in that she looks older and more matured yet at the same time her appearance also heavily reminds of young aibon.

yeah, physical recovery from the lost of weight. recovery in a sense of resembling the old image.

If I'm not mistaken, wota is a kind of otaku? And aren't otaku considered outcasts of Japanese society?

yeah, close to what we call fanatics here.. :/

I'm happy she smiles more on the new video and I hope she smiles more everyday.
On a side note, I can't wait till she show us some more of her impersonating skills ^^;
Sorry if I uh..brough some people's hope on high, I'm just happy as everyone else

In Topic: Tanpopo (タンポポ)

09 April 2008 - 08:18 PM

Does anyone here agree that Fukuda Asuka would have fit this group perfectly?


i actually liked her voice more than kaorin but somehow i like tanpopo the way it was, especially 2nd gen.

they're actually my first favorite subgroup

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In Topic: W (ダブルユー)

09 April 2008 - 02:41 AM

Her mother said that he'd taken her to Hawaii and then she added that they were now in New York. But she meant a vacation, not moving there to live.

amen to that

I miss her tooth, to me it's like a trademark ^^. This reminds me of enrique's mole removal. A lot of people didn't like that he removed it but who cares. I still like kago ^^

I actually like her hair now. I think she have the curly hair trait from her mother...or father? who knows how her real father looks like...but I can say long curly hair is hard to manage. my hair was straight when I was young but it got curly once I hit that puberty stage.

Anyway, she looks cute and pretty in all aspects. Come to think of it, she reminds me of my Japanese teacher. I don't want to post pictures without her consent so here's her webpage = http://www.aall.ufl....os/helenlee.htm

Posted Image
Is she intimidated to show her tooth here? I'm just bringing something up haha, not meant to contribute to her new fix of tooth deformity.

Posted Image
I don't know why the tooth wasn't so apparent here XD

ahem...I have no idea why all of a sudden I talk about that....

anyway, I just don't get why I always have exams the week of her news. All her birthdays revolved around my exam dates fu#$%$$#^$^#.....and I have a 4hr exam due in 7hrs today and project due early tomorrow. what I can say is, I'm glad the interview didn't start on on april 1st...ahem...*cough* *cough hard* ....that gives me more hope that this would be a good revival. Nonetheless, aibon is back and no doubt I will keep on supporting her.

There's not much to support her but the club i guess. Almost all of her stuff from primary sellers are out and you could get some from secondary sellers (e.g. yahoo auction) but she wouldn't get a portion from that :) so it's time to hit the biscuit club!!!!!