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wildstarr's Random Stuffs > Some Pig

Posted 10 February 2007

A pig with three medals around his neck and a peg leg is seated at the dinner table with a farmer, his family, and a guest. Intrigued, the guest asks about the animal.
"He's special," the farmer says. "The first medal is for when he swam to save our son from drowning. The second medal is for when he dragged our daughter out of a...

wildstarr's Random Stuffs > W00t New Gackt!

Posted 10 February 2007

The new Gackt single is just superb. I just love Gackt's ballad style. His Love Letter and The Seventh Night unplugged album are two of my favorite albums of all the music I listen too. Even though I might not understand much of the lyrics its impossible not to feel the emotion he puts behind them. One example of the high emotion he has is in his...