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Think About It! > Idol Matsuri

Posted 16 April 2014

This is the first time I've used this blog in over two years!

Idol Matsuri is a convention being held on June 20 to 22 in Silverdale, Washington in the United States dedicated to celebrating Japanese idols. At this convention there will be live performances from idol groups, panels about idol culture, contests, a dance and much more. Those interested...

Think About It! > "Off The Radar" Part 8: ORI ★ HIMETAI

Posted 31 March 2012

ORI ★ HIMETAI are are an idol group based in Sendai who seem to perform at local malls and other places in order to raise money for victims of the 2011 earthquake and to help reconstruct the city. They also volunteer to help the elderly as well as other things. The sale of their goods (T-shirts, mugs and towels, for the most part) are donated to local org...

Think About It! > "Off The Radar" Part 7: PEACEFUL

Posted 30 March 2012

Because I am preoccupied with various things (some of which I am way behind on doing), I have up to this point neglected to create a thread for the idol group PEACEFUL on this website. So to make up for that I am doing a quick blog post. I'm mostly doing this now because I read some disappointing news in anhh's "General Idol News" thread here at H!O. Bett...

Think About It! > "Off The Radar" Part 6: Former Chou-Chou Members Updates

Posted 30 March 2012

Shortly after I posted my last blog entry I became aware that Chou-Chou broke up and was reorganized as Girly Chou.  I eventually started a thread for Girly Chou here at Hello! Online and another one at Pure Idol Heart.  Girly Chou features four of the girls in...

Think About It! > "Off The Radar" Part 5: Chou-Chou

Posted 12 February 2012

Happy 11th birthday to Asada Moka!  Who's Moka?  She's a member of the idol group Chou-Chou, and a member of RONi GiRLS, a dance group.  These girls come from avex artist academy (yes, lower case letters for the name).  

From what I can tell, Chou-Chou have been around since 2011.  They performed at the Tenjin Summer Festival on July 24, 2011....