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Sato Masaki (佐藤優樹)

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 09:07 PM

What happened?



From Mai's view

Inside story Mai told about what was up with Maa during the Hellocon ( the 5th January), and why she was crying.
It seems that on that day, Maachan disputed with the members, and cried backstage. Hagiwara who was seeing that, because it had nothing to do with herself, ignored it and kept an eye on it from the coulisse.
Then, Maa came patting along, crying ' Hagiwara-saaaan' as she drew close to Mai. After that, because there was also the Momusu performance,
Mai said, ' there's no reason to be crying now.' and seemed to make Maa stop her crying.
By the way, the reason for the dispute was that during Steady GO!, Okai and Maa were highfiving, but since it came in the way for other members it seems that it was banned.
' I can't highfive with Okai-san any longer.' Maa said crying.
Mai said something like, ' If it's Okai-san she'll highfive you anytime.', seeming to want to encourage Maa. 
After that, Momusu's performance having ended, and C-ute's performance too, Mai happened to see Maa and at noticing that she was still crying, asked surprised ' Are you still crying?'
It seemed she had been crying during Momusu's performance.
And, after the performance Maa was told something like, ' Sato-san, your singing and face was horrible.' By Oda, which seemed to make it more frustrating for Maa.


Summarized using of what both Mai and Fukumura said (from the rip).


 Maa and Okai highfiving got in the way ( Steady GO!)
   Zukki sharply told Maa off 
   Maa cried
   Maa got together with Mai and was consoled
   Mai tried to get Maa to stop crying because Momusu's performance was coming up
   Maa cried during the performance (Egao)
   ' Both your face and voice was awful' Oda told Maa after the performance
   Maa continued crying
   Mai found Maa like that and tried to console her again ( backstage during Hajimete no Keikenchuu)
   During which Sayashi saw that and asked Fukumura why Maa was crying, whereupon Fukumura began explaining.
This is what we know what happened so far. 

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 09:20 PM

^^ If that is supposed to be a pot-shot at Ikuta, you just scored an own goal though...



But seriously, Masaki is fine. She just got upset for doing something wrong.

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 10:41 PM

There's really something going on with Masaki and Kanon.. 
At least from what I can see..
I think Kanon might be really trying her best to control Masaki but apparently Masaki thinks she's bossy?
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Posted 14 January 2014 - 10:53 PM

^ that gif is taken way out of context though, don't you think?

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 11:01 PM

It would be crazy if Maachans crying really has to do with the big announcement at the end of january and they are just covering up O.o (just a conspiracy theory)

#6126 Hexoone


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 11:01 PM

Yeah. Could be interpreted wrongly but I saw it on tumblr and it just struck me that most of the times you can see Zukki telling Masaki what to do or how to pose (like I forgot in some shoot) when Zukki just aligned her posture in a better way. 


I feel that for Zukki, it might be responsible to rectify Masaki's actions, Masaki will be like any other kid (or maybe I'm the only one) to hate forceful authority. And when scolded get the 'why me' sad feeling. 




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Posted 14 January 2014 - 11:10 PM

I see Zukki as a nice, strict senpai.... Like Aika was with her and the other 9ki member.



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Posted 14 January 2014 - 11:19 PM

I thought it was a staff member telling her off and not the members.
Either way they must've thought she was disturbing okai by constantly doing it..it's not really something to cry about, but she's quite a pampered kid.
Can't help but still find her cute no matter how annoying it is that she cried over that.XD

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 12:36 AM

^^ I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Zukki really looks up to Aika a lot so it makes sense that she would try and emulate Aika's calm but strict way of teaching the 9ki. 


@AndreasE: I agree with most of what you said, though, I'm still of the opinion that there was some bit of cleverness involved in Maa-chan's move towards Reina. I remember Maa-chan stating in the auditions that her favourite member was Niigaki Risa, so it seems strange to me that if she just wanted the love an older sempai, Niigaki, Sayu and maybe Aika (though since she was being the stricter sempai at the time, maybe less likely) seem like more of the big sister type than Reina who is well-known for being a lone wolf and not especially close with anyone. ^_^ 


In any case, I think Maa-chan will probably grow out of this phase (unless she pulls a Koharu). She seems smart enough to know that she won't repeat what happened that day, so I think Maa-chan will grow up just fine :) I look forward to a "cool Satou", as Tsunku put it ^_^

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 01:38 AM

I know we don't like to see Maachan crying, but I feel like this is blown way out of proportion.  Being told off by senior members is nothing new.  Crying about being reprimanded is not new either.  However I don't think Maachan should be crying on stage, either.  It's unprofessional, and it sends the wrong message to everyone watching the performance.  Just think about how many of us in the forum automatically connected her tears to some other piece of bad news.  

I know she probably can't control it, but that's the facts.  


Maachan doesn't have a DVD about her attending a Reina fanclub like that other member :B


WTF?  I don't think this adds to the conversation at all



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Posted 15 January 2014 - 05:15 AM

I'd be lying if I said I never questioned Maa-chan's friendship with Reina, but I feel like Maa-chan is just really clingy in general. Although it may seem like I'm talking about her in a bad light, she really is a selfish spoilt child and I think it's only natural that because of this she get's closer with senpais. I feel like the attention she gets from them is a lot different than those who are around her age.

Like when Sayu was mentoring Koharu she was annoyed with how needy Koharu was. Back then she was around 15/16 IIRC? That's about the age on average of the new gen of musume's. I can definitely see members getting annoyed/frustrated with her a lot. I think it would also explain why she gravitates towards older members, such as seeking out Maimai instead of consulting her gen instead.


TLDR; Maa-chan is clingy, older members give her the attention she wants.


#6132 Kaeseki


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Posted 15 January 2014 - 05:37 AM

Has anyone considered the possibility management was pushing Maa-chan's buttons to get her to freak out, thus causing a stir in the fanbase and (probably) boosting sales?  Remember, the girls are in the clutches of a group of people who have no issues with exposing them to a largish crowd while they were sleeping...


#6133 [email protected]

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 07:32 AM

Yeah seems plausible... I mean, there's ten of them so I'm sure it doesn't matter much if one is crying in a corner backstage while the others are performing, right?

#6134 xxxmayuriin


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Posted 15 January 2014 - 07:37 AM

The MV of Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai maybe coming out today on Hello Project Station^^

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 08:04 AM

Ok, she's unprofessional, she's a brat she'#@$%#%[email protected]&*
Just stop already

But lately it seem to me, the more popular she gets, the more she lets her bratty side shine and I really don't like that in high doses... I mean what's with this kissing up to Sayu all the time? When there was still Reina, it was Reina. Now it's Sayu?? When Fukuchan's the next leader will it be her then? I just don't like this directed form of affection she displays... what about her generation mates? What abaout Duu and Sakura? Why not try to be everbody's best buddy?....*sigh*...
Maachan, please be cool and sweet again, it would be such a loss if this side of you disappears.... :cold:

Sorry but your comment annoys the hell out of me :|

#6136 muscat


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Posted 15 January 2014 - 08:40 AM

^ Don't let it get to you. 


Some people don't realize that without Maachan the way she is right now, Sayu would be so lonely. I'm sure she's a handful and all, but Sayu and Reina look like they were having a lot more fun at work after Maachan joined. The other girls are all around the same age and can hang out with each other. 10ki actually are really close as a generation I think. So what if Maachan clings to Sayu backstage, or even other group senpai during the harocon. 

Doesn't bother me one bit.

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 09:03 AM

To add to this Sato and Zukki discussion, here's my two cents.


I share the same observations as you do but you put it into words better than I could :good:


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Posted 15 January 2014 - 10:20 AM

I don't care about Maachan's "bratty" character, it's just good entertainment. But ever since she joined MM I've been slightly worried about the possibility that she's a difficult person to work with. A big turn off for me is not how someone acts in front of the cameras but what happens behind the scenes. If she makes trouble for others because of her behaviour I hope she grows out of it soon. But so far it doesn't seem like the other members hate her...I guess?  :mellow:




#6139 xxxmayuriin


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Posted 15 January 2014 - 10:56 AM

Maa-chan is in the growing stages of life, it's normal that she would experience mood swings and at the start be unable to control her emotions.

But I'm sure with her generation mates with her, Sayumin, 9ki and Sakura, she would be able to learn to control her mood swings & her emotions.

After all, that's the way all girls and boys experience while growing up.

#6140 Sakura Kura

Sakura Kura

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 11:04 AM

^^I think there're times when she can be hard to work with, but also there's times I think where she can cheer up everyone by her cheerfulness and playfullness. So it's give and take.

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