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How to attend concerts?

Posted by Laharle, 15 February 2023 · 71 views

So I might go to Japan in November 2023, and of course I don't want to miss the chance to maybe attend a concert. I never paid much attention to how people went to cause it felt impossible. I do want mostly Morning Musume, but like in general.
1) Do I have to sign up for the fan club? I come from a difficult country so it might not be a choice, tho idk how expensive this is.
2) Is there any other way? Can't you just go to a ticket central and buy it?
3) I do wish to know if anybody knows about Kpop idols and the system if I happen to be around the time Enhypen is in Japan. This feels harder tho.
4) I think there is an id system but can a FC member buy it for you?

Anyway hope someone can help me 🙏🏻

I could walk you through the process pre-covid but right now post-covid the process is in flux, especially for foreign fans. Right now there is a restriction on people that have traveled out of the country with-in 2 weeks of the concert. I was previously able to buy and use tickets from a FC member. Even FC members are finding it extremely difficult to get tickets now adays. Availability of buying same day tickets depends on the concert/venue/date. J=J had same day tickets for their Budokan the other day but that's most likely because it was a rescheduled Fall concert on a Tuesday night. Covid concert restrictions were recently lifted but H!P has not made any changes in their precautions yet. My advice is to wait and see.

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