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My predictions for H!P's new unit

Posted by Ducky Mioda, in Speculation 19 September 2021 · 85 views

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With this H!O blog finally having had a grand launch after about a year in pre-launch limbo, it's time for me to predict how things will turn out for H!P's new unit! Remember that everything below is just speculation and stuff (we'd have to wait for some official H!P news to see if they turn out to be correct or not), so until then, take it with a grain of salt... πŸ₯΄
  • The new unit's name: I feel like it'll be something like Hachi-ing (from the Japanese on'yomi word for eight, hachi, and the suffix -ing, referring to the unit's 8 members), THE Jewelisma (from the words "jewel" and charisma" - I came up with this prediction for the new unit's name since all 8 of its members performed on the H!P 2021 Summer Ruby and Sapphire Tour) or Tou&Tai (from the Japanese on'yomi words for east and west, tou and tai - I came up with this prediction for the new unit's name since I've got a feeling that it'll be geared more towards pop music markets outside Japan like the U.S. and South Korea)...
  • The new unit's members' colors: I know someone else already published their color predictions for the new unit's members, but hey, I just want to join in the fun of predicting what the members' colors will be! That said, I'll get into predicting the new unit's members' colors as follows: Madoka - Champagne Gold, Ruli - Silver Titanium, Kanami - Jet Black, Kirara - Sparkling Margarita, Nanami - RosΓ© All Day, Natsume - Neon Vert, Miku - Viridian Hatsune, and Momo - Pink Peach.
  • The new unit's debut single: While I don't know for sure what H!P will give to their new unit for their debut single, I predict that it'll be a triple A-side single with the first A-side song written by a Japanese person who's done songs (be it the lyrics/composition/whatever) for H!P before (probably not Tsunku because he mainly does songs for Momusu these days), the second a dance-pop song with all lyrics in English that's produced by a famous Western producer (some producers of that sort I can think of are LDN Noise, Teddy Riley, and RedOne) and featuring an American rapper, and the third a cover of a late-90s-era K-pop song (a song of that sort I can think of is the 1998 song "Yayaya" by the 90s-2000s K-pop girl group Baby Vox).
  • Miscellaneous predictions about the new unit: Seeing how there's an ongoing H!P audition seeking for members for the new unit and existing H!P groups (as well as the Kenshuusei program), I predict that they'll add 2 of the audition's winners to the new unit after the second-round winners are announced and debut them with the release of the new unit's sophomore single (speaking of which I'm going to predict these two potential future members' colors right here, right now: Aqua Piscine and Dragon's Breath); also, while not much of a prediction, I hope that they get endorsement deals after they debut, so there's that πŸ˜„
So that's it for my predictions for H!P's new unit! Again, these predictions are just speculation and stuff, so take these with a grain of salt πŸ˜‰