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A passive semi-H!P wota's blog

It's the end of my H!O blog... 😏

Posted by Ducky Mioda, 22 October 2021 · 349 views
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It's the end of my H!O blog... 😏 But don't sweat! I've opened a new personal journal on LiveJournal to replace this short-lived H!O blog of mine (and I'll probably post a new entry around the same frequency as, if not quicker than, I ever did on my blog 😅).

Some esoteric (?) info about H!P and its members

Posted by Ducky Mioda, in Trivia 02 October 2021 · 228 views
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So yeah, I should probably share some of my esoteric (?) research about H!P and its members on this blog!

While the H!P member with the shortest tenure ever there is Shim Min (she's from South Korea and she was an H!P member for only a month or so in 2006 in case you forgot), she didn't get to participate in any H!P groups due to her short tenure, so i...

My predictions for H!P's new unit

Posted by Ducky Mioda, in Speculation 19 September 2021 · 208 views
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With this H!O blog finally having had a grand launch after about a year in pre-launch limbo, it's time for me to predict how things will turn out for H!P's new unit! Remember that everything below is just speculation and stuff (we'd have to wait for some official H!P news to see if they turn out to be correct or not), so until then, take it with a grain...

Welcome to my blog! 🥳

Posted by Ducky Mioda, 19 September 2021 · 45 views
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I actually founded this H!O blog with my username in its name about last year but couldn't get anything published here for some reason until now, which is why I decided to mark its grand launch today, on September 19, 2021, with this post (and I'll try my best to post in this blog at least once a month so stay tuned).

Anyway, let's commemorate this H!O b...