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Makoto Ogawa - new performance

Posted by mountainoluv, 27 March 2014 · 1533 views

Makoto Ogawa stage play Morning Musume Tokyo
Makoto Ogawa - new performance Makoto Ogawa :wub: is going to be in a stage play. She posted some photos of her and the rest of the cast on her blog. (She looked really pretty :D , by the way.) It starts in about 2 weeks. If anyone is in the Tokyo area, you might want to check this out. Following are some details about the performance. (Translation courtesy bing.com/translator.)

Title: [STAGE×12 vol.12]

[Planning & production]
FREE (S) and BRO.

Kimura Shigeyuki

«The main pieces»

"Dance Dance Dance!!!" (Director and screenplay)
Watched me and (directed)

"EnTA! 371 "(producer)

"Dwango Internet program.

[Work summary]

From April last year at the Akasaka began performances each month
The "STAGE×12 series"
Advancing to the Shimo-Kitazawa's first!
Decorate the last big battle by performers until now!
Now what will happen? Series final chapter!
Film director primarily active in image work in the production,
Participating in our various people such as drama Director,
We staged to thrill our customers always works.
Under the supervision of the Director we will do only play video as well.


Autumn beauty Mio
Megumi urisu
Takumi Endo brush
Makoto Ogawa
Atsushi Kimura
S. Kotani
Shimode 1000 a
Profile Erika
Nakajima Yamato
Misato Hirata
Mitsu Murata

From time to time, one after another announced on our website!

Guest starring ☆☆
Wild Takeshi 4 / 13 cast
Sudo, Ryo worked (4 / 9 & 4 / 10)
Kuge kyohei 4 / 11 & 4 / 12 (17:00) cast
Uesugi t. & ryuki Yamada Yu hui (TOKYO Meteor group) 4 / 12 (13:00 & 17:00)
Place: Honda theatre group "small theater B1'

Tour dates: 4/9/2014 (Wednesday)-13, (Sunday)

4/9 (Wednesday) 19:00
4/10 (Thursday) 19:00
4/11 (Friday) 19:00 4/12 (Saturday) 13:00 17:00
4/13 (Sunday) 15:00

Duration: approximately 90 minutes (each round show performances is available. About 15 min)

Benefits with limited ticket 5,000 yen Magnus distributor benefits like cast autographed photos with! Forward good seats (different for all performance types)

General ticket ¥ 4,200

*Rewards limited tickets are only FREE (S) ticket Center will be handled
For more information

Makochan seems to spend time with a lot of my favorite idols. The other day, she was shoe-shopping with aMI TOKITO (see comment to my following blog entry). Today, she was with Koharu Kusumi. Here is the blog entry with the pics



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