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striking the jackpot

Posted by mountainoluv, 29 January 2014 · 1500 views

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striking the jackpot The local wildfires were finally extinguished, whew! It’s still really dry here, though, so maybe we will get some more.

I’d like to address another of my favorite idols, Yoona. In fact, you could say that she is the one who got me into this world of idol stars. You see, my cousin is married to a Korean lady. I started spending some time around their family, so I thought I should try to learn a little about Korean culture. We get a couple of Korean channels on my local Verizon FiOS system. They show Korean dramas. I was like, “Maybe I will watch a Korean drama to learn more about Korea.” The Korean dramas that come on Ch. 44, KBS World, are on Sat. and Sun., from 8 to 9 p.m. I started watching one called “You are my destiny” (YAMD), whose female lead was Yoona. It was her first lead role. She was only ~18 at the time, and there was some chatter that she was too young to effectively play her character. Anyway, Yoona played a hard working orphan girl with a positive attitude. (This is a character that usually shows up in Korean dramas.) She did a good job in that performance, so I started to get interested in her. I found out that her main claim to fame was that she was (and still is) a member of Girls Generation, aka, SNSD. So, I sought out SNSD on YouTube. I thought they were good. Of course, Yoona was my favorite member. The other girls (there are 9 members) were good, too. As it turns out, one of them, Tiffany, lived in a city near my house for a few years. That kind of gave me another connection to the group. It kind of snowballed from there. I got interested in other Korean groups, and eventually, Japanese groups.

What do I like about Yoona? Well, for one, she is gorgeous. She is super pretty, and her body is so hot. She is a good dancer, too. I don’t think that she gets enough credit for that. I would place her in the top 2 or 3 dancers in SNSD. Finally, it seems like she has a nice personality. I know, these idols are actors, and it is hard to tell what their true personalities are. Having said that, there’s something about Yoona. She just seems so kind, friendly, and humble. There are probably some haters out there, but I am a huge fan of Yoona.

On another topic, the husband of Mai Satoda, Tanaka, is an expert pitcher. It turns out that he went 25 – 0 last year. His team, which historically hasn’t been good, won the championship. He was able to get free of the Japanese team he was on, and he was signed by the NY Yankees for $155 million. My god! That instantly propelled Mai Satoda into the most successful Hello! Project alumnae, at least financially. I like Mai Satoda. I remember seeing a video of her singing a duet with Ayaka Kimura, and they looked so very sexy. They were wearing skimpy, gold outfits. I recently saw a video of Mai Satoda, Ayaka, Maki Goto, and Atsuko Inaba singing ‘Glass no Pumps Gatamekira.’ Maki Goto was the star of the performance, and Mai and Ayaka were more like backup dancers who got to sing a few lines. Wow! They all looked so nice. Atsuko Inaba entered into the number about halfway through, which was a little weird. But Atuko contributed, too, with her singing and dancing. It looked like a very nice performance. One thing that bothered me was that, on YouTube, the audio was muted out on this particular video, due to a claim by the copyright holder. If anybody knows where I can watch this video with the audio, please let me know. There is another video on YouTube of Maki and Atsuko singing the same song as a duet. I opened another window on my browser and played both videos at the same time, trying to synch up the audio from the duet with the video of the quartet, but I was unsuccessful. While watching the quartet version of this performance, I got to thinking about how Ayaka and Mai, the sexy chorus girls (for a lack of a better term) both got successful athletes to marry them. Mai, in particular, hit the jackpot! Mai and Ayaka have been friends for a long time, since way before they met their husbands. I wonder if they planned out their futures. “We’ll both get successful athletes to marry us, ha ha!” Or something like that. How did they select their husbands? I mean, there were probably thousands of guys drooling over them and dreaming about them. How did those two guys get so lucky? Did Mai scout her future husband, assessing his pitching skills, and calculating his future earning potential? Was it a matter of Ayaka and Mai selecting their future husbands, or Ayaka and Mai getting their future husbands to select them? I don’t know. It is funny how people wind up together. I wish both couples a long and happy marriage. Ayaka and her husband have a son now.

OK, that is all I have for today. Stay healthy and happy!

Could somebody please click on another of my blog posts, "More Japanese Idol Stuff"? It has 99 views, and I'd like to get up to 100. It's like a golf ball, balanced right on the edge of the cup . . . that just won't go in. I just noticed something. On the calendar to the right of my blog entry, it is February. We still have 7 hours left of January where I live, ha ha! I guess hello-online is based in a place where it is already Saturday. Japan, maybe! Anyway, have a nice weekend!

Good! Thank you to the person who clicked on that blog entry. I feel much better now, ha ha!

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