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Glasseyelashes' Blog > It's a love/hate thing.

Posted 01 August 2009

Blog 2.

Ok, so I was thinking of making this a two part blog series, the first being the "hate" part.

Some things I hate:

Loud talkers.

The people that use bluetooth earpeices with the idea that it makes them look cool. It doesn't.

People who don't use their blinkers when making a turn.

People that use their blinkers long...

Glasseyelashes' Blog > First Blog.

Posted 31 July 2009

Ok, so I was "talked" into starting this, more so like begged into it. You know who you are...

I honestly don't know how to do these things, or where to even start, but here goes nothin.

As you guys may know, I go by "glasseyelashes" around here. I've been a steady fan of Morning Musume for 3 years now. I generally never...