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Keiyakizaka46 sister group Nogizaka46

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 03:10 PM

Is it common for girls to graduate immediately by surprise like this? Or is there something happening behind the scenes?

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 04:04 PM

i'm so upset rn... techi's my oshi :( i can't believe management pushed her so much, this is what they get for putting all of their eggs in one basket and paying the other members dust. ugh, i don't even know if i can continue to follow keyaki after this, what management did to techi and the group is just so unbelievable. ugh


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Posted 23 January 2020 - 06:04 PM

For those who aren't aware, there is never really a 'surprising' graduation from Keyaki. All but one (Yone) have gone on some sort of hiatus or had something happen before they announced their graduation, so the announcements aren't surprising. Quick rundown. 


Imaizumi Yui - went on hiatus twice due to physical health > went MIA for months > announced grad as usual

Shida Manaka - went on hiatus > mini dating scandal > went MIA for months > grad effective immediately 

Kageyama Yuka - went on hiatus (now part of Hinatazaka, but she's still not active) 

Yonetani Nanami - announced grad as usual 

Nagahama Neru - went AWOL for months > announced grad as usual 

Oda Nana - mini dating scandal > went MIA for months (pulled out of tokyo dome) > grad effective immediately

Suzumoto Miyu - went AWOL for months (except tokyo dome) > grad effective immediately

Hirate Yurina - went on ongoing 'hiatus' > active again > withdrew

Sato Shiori - went on hiatus 


The only person who has gone on hiatus and returned was Harada Aoi. 


Which is why most fans just accept, if their oshimen goes awol/mia or takes a hiatus, the chances of them coming back is slim to none. Which is why Techi's withdrawal may be surprising, despite all the issue's she's faced, one because it seemed as if things were looking up with the senbatsu change and revolving centers for performances, and two because she was made center of an unreleased single, and was participating in all events (which is rare for her) and doing solo activities as recent as yesterday. But when you consider everything she's been through, I'm not surprised she decided to withdraw. Just upset its come to this. 


In terms of the difference between a graduation and withdrawal in Keyakizaka, there isn't much of a difference, as Keyaki don't do the whole last live appearance thing like Nogi does. The most they get is a final HS date, and part of an episode of Keyakitte Kakanei dedicated to their graduation, but that's it. However, only the girls who formally announced their graduation have received this (so Zuumin, Yone and Neru). The girls who 'graduated from today' don't receive this treatment, they just leave with a blog post and that's it. This is why fans are confused as to why they used 'Withdrawal' instead of Graduated for Techi, since she'll probably receive the same treatment as OdaMon. Some translations have said it was her choice to word it that way but i can't confirm it. 


For anyone interested, @toomuchidea on twitter has translated all of their blog posts/comments on the situation, including techi's SOL appearance. 


To answer the 'behind the scenes' question, Seed & Flower (management) fucked up greatly over the course of 2018/19 and instead of trying to fix the issues, they ignored them while focusing on Hinata's growth instead, pushing back singles, not announcing anything (or announcing things late/after it happens), making the girls literally beg fans to continue supporting them, made Mon lose her passion (as said in her blog), made Shiichan look at another path (studying abroad), forced Oda to leave because they weren't willing to bring her back, and made Techi finally give them the finger lol. I can explain more if needed.


If we want to look at the bright side, I guess we can say; 


- Finally techi can rest 

- Mon can find a new passion elsewhere 

- Shiichan is pursuing her passion and may return 

- The group will be forced to have a new center and change their system 

- The group can finally progress with 9th single and pushing 2nd gen 


For me personally, Mon, Techi and Shiichan are my top 3, so this sucks :) 

But i'll keep supporting them, I just won't update as often or until 9th gets released.

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 06:10 PM

Can I ask why you think Mon said that? Was she overworked or was she given nothing on stage? (I read the blog but idk)

Reading this & considering Kohaku maybe Hirate did all those cause she knew it was ending? Even non fans that are into idols know about her situation so it's a bit of a collective 'at last'. I'm sure if she comes back she'll get stuff to do so hope she takes care of herself now.

Unrelated but is Neru doing something now?

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 06:31 PM

^It could be anything really. Mons idol career has been interesting.. She started off being a highly pushed member since debut but wasn't received so well by fans as compared to other members. She consistently ranked mid tier in popularity polls and HS statistics. Then around the autumn of 2018 she had a surge in popularity (remember the monbivalent performance?). People began to notice her performance skill and her being a candidate for next center who could pull off the cool image Keyaki has. Then suddenly, 2019 brings Kuroi Hitsuji, and mon gets shoved into the back row. Weird considering all the love she'd finally been given by fans after mgmt kept pushing her so hard. Then came the 9th single senbatsu announcement where 2nd gens joined the lineup, and mon actually gets cut from senbatsu. Considering all of that, I can understand why she may have lost passion being an idol. Seeing Oda's situation probably made her feel worse since she loves Oda a lot lol. 


Yeah, Techi's Boku wa iyada in kouhaku 2019 sounded not like a cry for help but a 'you can hate me but please dont hate keyaki' type of cry. Like she knew the damage she was causing to the group just by being there. Personally, techi can go the soloist route and still do well, she has that star power, but I can also see her going the yamaguchi momoe route, she always wanted to marry in her early 20's lolol. 


Neru is retired from the entertainment industry now. Last I checked she was studying! 

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 09:56 PM

I just saw the news, I just can't believe it, I don't even know what to say. This is so unexpected, especially Techi's retirement. I guess it was true that there were serious problems internally. The rumors about Oda and Miyu graduating were also true. It's so sad how this group is doing now. I hope this issue can lead them to a better future. This is so sad.


BTW, I guess they'll have re-announced the senbatsu for the 9th single right?

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#227 minaeshi


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Posted 16 February 2020 - 10:40 PM

^They've lost their center and Shiori so they'll definitely reshuffle, also.......... 


We have 6 new keyaki members!! 


Keyakizaka46 2nd Generation (2nd Gen '2.5'), these are the girls who auditioned around the same time as Keyaki 2nd gen, but were held as Sakamichi KKS to further develop their skills. Manatsu (nogi) said they are still considered Keyaki's 2nd gen (similar to Mariko from AKB still being 1st gen even tho she's 1.5, or Neru being Kanji 1st gen even tho shes 1.5).
Endo Hikari
Ozono Rei
Onuma Akiho
Kosaka Marino
Masumoto Kira
Moriya Rena

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Posted 17 February 2020 - 08:21 AM

ooh, this is very exciting! i hope that keyaki getting new members is a sign that the group will be continuing after techi and won't just be left to rot, lol. pictures of the new sakamichi girls were tweeted on the official sakamichi kenshusei account (i think it's official?), and i'm pretty sure the 2nd picture is the new keyaki girls, so i've embedded the picture here.


i wish their name tags were more readable so i could tell apart each girl though, but from what i can tell the 3rd to last girl (or the 5th girl if you're counting from the left) is endo hikari. correct me if i'm wrong though! but she looks very cute, so i'm really excited to see more of her. all of the girls look really good actually, i'm hoping the best for keyaki's future <3



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