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Rin Akane: delicate rocker

Posted by mountainoluv, 20 February 2020 · 4866 views

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Rin Akane: delicate rocker Have you heard of Rin Akane? I didn’t think so.
I will address Japanese singer and idol Rin Akane here. I am fortunate to be a mutual with Rin Akane on Twitter. She is very cute and she usually wears twin tails and a tiara. She has nice costumes, too! There are two things that are remarkable about her appearance: her extra-large eyes and that she often has a pouty mouth in her photos. I included in a tweet that I don’t know whether she is goofy yet stylish or stylish but goofy!
I can only say a limited amount about Rin Akane, because as I have mentioned previously, I don’t understand or read Japanese. I have looked at some of her promotional videos. She sings rock and roll music to a recorded backing track. The audience gets very excited when she sings and they do a lot of cheering. Sometimes, she has a big flag with her name and logo on it and she waves it around when she is onstage. The crowd really likes that.
Sometimes, she appears at live events called Girls Fighter with several other female idols. It looks like she is the MC. She has a five minute slot at the beginning of the show and a 20 minute slot at the end. I take it that she talks during the five minute slot and she sings during the 20 minute slot. Her management is SSK Entertainment.
I have been trying to promote people who follow me on Twitter. I retweet tweets, usually with photos, of the stars I like. One of my favorite things about Rin Akane is that she always likes my retweets, very quickly after I do it. That makes me really like her. She comes across like a loyal and appreciative entertainer.

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