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Rina Takenaka (ex-Hinoi Team) Joins a New Group

Posted by mountainoluv, 15 July 2019 · 2735 views

Rina Rina Takenaka Hinoi Team Enka Ethnic Happy Group Tokyo Kobe Singer Songwriter
Rina Takenaka (ex-Hinoi Team) Joins a New Group Through Twitter, I found out that Rina Takenaka :wub: (ex-Hinoi Team) will be joining a new group, namely, Ethnic Happy Group. I found a link on Twitter to an article about it. I used Bing Translator to translate the article. Then, I did minor editing to make it read more smoothly. The text follows:

'Rina Takenaka will be joining Enka Women's Lupinas (also known as Ethnic Happy Group).
The newcomer is a singer songwriter who works mainly in Kobe under the artist name Rinana. “As a member of the HINOI team when I was a junior high school student, I made my major debut with Avex. It was active as a younger sister of SPEED.”
After the break-up, she was doing solo activities in her hometown of Kobe. She has been working on a multi-player project, mainly producing live music composed by songwriting, producing apparel brands, radio personality, and hosting a free music festival every summer.
Twitter: @rina_yumejyo
Regarding joining, the newcomer said, "Even if you join a group that has already sold, it's not interesting, and I wanted to test my experience and strength there if there was a group that needed me. When I heard from this group that has the potential to break, I was able to make a decision immediately without hesitation. I'm sure I'll break in 2020!” She talked about the enthusiasm.
In addition, the debut Rina presentation live will be held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Kobe in the middle of October.
In February 2015, Enka was formed to the world. In the first four years of its formation, he has performed 28 performances overseas in eight countries around the world. They also made their major debut in Indonesia in 2017. At the 3rd Anniversary One Man Live in Jakarta, 2,000 tickets were sold out. The mission of "enka to the world" was a four-and-a-half year activity, and achieved a certain result.
In the future, the group will be renamed Ethnic Happy Group, saying that they will make all the peoples of the world happy.
Member of Japan Colombia
Twitter: @enka_girls1 '

In the entry image, Rina is at right.

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