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Yui Momose (Girls Beat!!) in Miss Young Champion contest

Posted by mountainoluv, 01 May 2017 · 1920 views

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Yui Momose (Girls Beat!!) in Miss Young Champion contest This post will be about Yui Momose, a member of Girls Beat!! She made her debut with Girls Beat!! In Dec., 2015. At the time, the group had three members: Yui, Ryona Himeno, and Ai Kago. After a few live performances with these three members, Ai left the group. So currently, Yui and Ryona are the only two members. As mentioned in a previous post, Ryona’s special skill is ‘human beat boxer.’ Yui is listed as ‘vocalist.’ She has a cat, too.

Anyway, about three weeks ago, I found out through Twitter that Yui was trying out for the eighth annual Miss Young Champion contest. (Young Champion is a manga magazine.) Each of the applicants made a brief YouTube video. Each of the videos was ~50 seconds long. The girls were in their swimsuits. They said a few words about themselves, including giving their measurements (bust-waist-hips). If they had a special skill like doing a cartwheel, they would demonstrate that as well.

It seems as if the Miss Young Champion contest is based on points earned. Contestants can earn points by votes and by people purchasing photos. I’m not sure if the contest is over, or how Yui is doing (or how she did). If anyone knows more than what I have here, please share with the rest of us. Last year, they narrowed it down to six girls, who were deemed the winners of Miss Young Champion #7.

Yui tweeted something about the contest yesterday. It turns out that she made the final 20 girls.

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