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Asuka Hinoi's new acting roles

Posted by mountainoluv, 15 February 2017 · 1902 views

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Asuka Hinoi's new acting roles I’m going to update you about Asuka Hinoi, former solo singer for Avex and ex-leader of Hinoi Team.

Asuka Hinoi is going to be in a film called “LinkingLove” that just wrapped shooting. It is set in 1991 and is about a beauty pageant. I believe Asuka plays the MC. (I can’t read Japanese so I had to rely on online translators.) There were quite a few cute young ladies in the cast. From the tweets, they were having a lot of fun during the filming. Asuka’s hair was done in a kinky style, which is the first time I’ve seen it like that.

Asuka is also going to be in a stage play (http://superendrolle...m/?page_id=1881). It is called something like “Superendroller LIVE ‘scene03’ monster & moonstar.” It will be from 3/24/17 (Fri.) to 3/28 (Tue.) The location is a place called Vacant, 3-20-13 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo Japan, Tel & Fax: +81 (0)3 6459 2962, http://www.vacant.vc/. I don’t know too much about the play. All I can say is that Asuka and one other actress from it did an outdoor photoshoot in the snow to promote it (see photo). In my opinion, Asuka is one of the most beautiful young ladies out there. (I have her photobook, and I have spent hours staring at photos of her.) She has a lot of experience modelling, too. In one of the photos, however, she has such an odd expression. It is hard to describe it, besides to say that it is scary . . . like a zombie.

Asuka occasionally tweets about a 2014 film she was in called “Sharing.” The plot has to do with the earthquake/tsunami of 3/11. I’m not sure if it ever got a wide release. From her tweets, it seems like they are promoting it theater by theater, with questions and answers from the cast and director after they show the film.

If you are interested in what Asuka is up to, you can follow her on Twitter, @hinoi_asuka. Her agency/management website is http://gift-co.net/pg237.html. Let’s keep supporting Asuka Hinoi!

Hikaru Koyama and Rina Takenaka are two other ex-members of Hinoi Team. They are both still active in the entertainment industry of Japan. I was going to give an update on their activities in this post, too. It has taken me so long to write this much that I decided to cover them in a future post.

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