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Rina (ex-Hinoi Team) update

Posted by mountainoluv, 01 February 2015 · 2558 views

Rina Rina Takenaka Rinana Hinoi Team Singer Songwriter Fashion Model
Rina (ex-Hinoi Team) update Greetings to everyone as we close out the first month of the year. In this post, I’ll address Rina Takenaka (ex-Hinoi Team). She is the only member of Hinoi Team who is still pursuing her dream of becoming a musical artist. She goes by the name of ‘Rinana’ now. (My guess is that she wants her name to sound like Rihanna.) She is on Twitter, with the following handle: @rina_yumejyo . From the photos she posts on Twitter and Fb, she plays outside most days. She posts a lot of photos of herself, playing a guitar, on the street, by a public transportation map. I think her base is Kobe. Occasionally, she gets a gig indoors, like in a coffee shop. She has a mini-album out, too.

The other day, she tweeted something about a TV show (“Orange.”) I tweeted her back, asking if she was appearing in the show. She responded “I don’t appear.” We then had a little tweet exchange.

Me: Nice to hear from you. I’m thinking about making a movie about Hinoi Team.

Rina: Really?! I want to see it by all means.

Me: Maybe you could help me on it. ;) That would be ideal!

Rina: I’m very happy to be told that. Please spread Rinana in your country.

Me: Yes, good luck. Keep making your music. Come to Los Angeles and perform. Ai Kago did and a lot of people saw it.

Rina: Of course! I go to Los Angeles by all means and make a performance!!

It may not seem like much, but I was thrilled to be able to communicate with someone I had stared at for countless hours, dancing in music videos. I imagine it was really her. I extremely doubt that a singer-songwriter who plays on the street would be able to afford a staff member to respond to tweets. Although I heard Rina’s father is quite rich . . . hmmm . . . maybe he could finance my movie, ha ha!

I think Rina is doing some fashion modelling, too. The photo that accompanies this post is of Rina. It was on a website that she promote via Twitter and Fb.

Rina posted this on Fb today:


"Tomorrow is Shinjuku Minamiguchi Street, 19:-until 22: 00! tomorrow Saturday Sunday 18: 00 from Sannomiya Street! Also everyone in Tokyo Kobe best regards everyone ✨ live tickets at 13, Kobe VARIT, CD, will have"

I miss Hinoi Team, I'm glad Rina is doing well, and good luck with your movie.

^ Thanks for your good luck wish. The other day, Rina posted photos of her and Asuka Hinoi on Twitter. She said that they had lunch. Unfortunately, both were wearing surgical masks. You could still tell who they were though, by their eyes.

The other day (May 12) was Rina's b-day. She was born in '92, so she just turned 23. I sent her a tweet to tell her 'happy birthday,' and she favorite it!

It would be cool if all four ex-members of Hinoi Team were to come to L.A and perform a few songs including their favorite music as well as requested songs.

By the way, how did the movie go?

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