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Japan Festival in Vietnam, featuring aMI TOKITO!

Posted by mountainoluv, 29 November 2014 · 2005 views

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Japan Festival in Vietnam, featuring aMI TOKITO! On November 15 and 16, the second annual Japan Festival took place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. And who do you think performed? None other than my favorite idol: aMI TOKITO! :wub: The event, also known as “Cool Japan,” began last year, in celebration of 40 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam. The event attracted an estimated 65,000 locals and foreign tourists. aMI tweeted some photos of her performing, and it looked like she was really enjoying herself. She looked nice, as usual. She was wearing an off-the-shoulder t-shirt that said “I <3 Vietnam.” She was even tweeting in English and in Vietnamese during this time. :coool:

More recently, on November 26, aMI TOKITO traveled to a hot springs in Nagano. She filmed a show that will air nationally, called "hot boobs or Shinshu hot spring trip.’ (I’m not making this up . . . I got this by running her blog through Bing translator.) Once again, it looked like she was having a good time, bathing in hot springs, drinking, eating, and getting spa treatments. Come to think of it, it always seems like aMI is having a good time. Either she has that kind of personality, or is quite an acting professional.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my blog before, but Rina (ex-Hinoi Team) is following me on Twitter now. She used to be Rina Takenaka, but she goes by Rina Unai, or Rinana, now. She is a singer-songwriter, and she plays the guitar. She has performances on a regular basis, sometimes in cafes and sometimes right out on the street. Last night, I responded to a tweet she sent out. I said something like “Please come to Los Angeles and perform for your fans.” A few minutes later . . . she replied! She wrote (in English), “I think I’d like to live in LA someday.” That was the first tweet I had received from her, and I was very happy. :good: It made my Thanksgiving. I get a big thrill whenever I get a message from one of my stars.

This weekend (6/13 and 6/14), they will be having a Vietnam Festival in Japan. I think aMI will be appearing on Sunday, 6/14. Here is the link: vietnamfes.net

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