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  1. Krusha

    Made a comment, Jan 08 2020 01:20 AM

    PSA: If you have PM's, blogs, etc. from H!O that you want to save, please make a backup now. You never know what can happen, & when.

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      If you read my post again, you'll see I didn't mention anything about you closing the site. But backups of valuable things are always worth doing.
    • claneksi's Photo
      In any case, thank you for the heads up, and thank you for remaining committed to this community.
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      Now that you're here haku, would you fix the bugs and errors that users have reported many times, & I have mentioned months ago in email?
  2. Krusha

    Made a comment, Dec 10 2019 07:58 PM

    Oh well.

  3. Krusha

    Made a comment, Nov 14 2019 07:16 AM

    This year's NHK Kouhaku participants: https://www.nhk.or.jp/kouhaku/artist/index.html

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      lol AKB is only there because IZONE had these rigging scandals
  4. Krusha

    Made a comment, Jun 11 2019 02:22 PM

    The spammer is obviously taken care of (banned) so there's no need to report this user anymore.

  5. Krusha

    Made a comment, Nov 14 2018 05:52 AM


  6. Krusha

    Made a comment, Jun 14 2018 12:13 PM

    AKB48's single Teacher Teacher has sold 2,904,580 copies so far (Billboard Japan)

  7. Krusha

    Made a comment, May 30 2018 11:28 AM

    1,591,164 copies sold for AKB48's "Teacher, Teacher" on Oricon, and 2,580,513 on Billboard. 1st day sales.

  8. Krusha

    Made a comment, May 16 2018 11:36 AM

    Unexpected server updates - nothing else. Carry on :)

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      That's funny, I dont see any lost data? Theres 211 pages on haachins thread anyway hah
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      Ok nevermind when I go on to Angermes concert in Paris thread it glitches like crazy and I also dont see the new mm single thread
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      When you post something in a thread, all the missing posts appear again. The problem is there is some missing threads.
  9. Krusha

    Made a comment, Nov 16 2017 03:48 AM

    Official Kouhaku lineup: http://www.nhk.or.jp/kouhaku/artist/

  10. Krusha

    Made a comment, Sep 23 2017 11:47 PM

    Let's keep Janken spoilers away from status field - post in the Janken thread today!

  11. Krusha

    Made a comment, Sep 10 2017 09:54 PM

    Updated my avatar because been too long without one.

  12. Krusha

    Made a comment, Sep 05 2017 07:14 PM

    AKB48 overtakes Hamasaki Ayumi on the list of best-selling artist of all time in Japan, and moves up to #3 behind Misuchiru, and B'z: http://www.hochi.co.jp/entertainment/20170904-OHT1T50215.html

  13. Krusha

    Made a comment, Aug 30 2017 03:25 PM

    Buying a new PC is nice. Waiting for things to arrive, less nice...

  14. Krusha

    Made a comment, Jun 13 2017 12:41 AM

    Guess I'm buying Wolfenstein 2.

  15. Krusha

    Made a comment, May 25 2017 02:01 AM

    For lovers of classical music, I give you this recommendation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-NBM7yHtzg -- Penderecki's Piano concerto "Resurrection"

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      It just gives me a movie-like feeling watching/listening to it. So many moments that would fit in a movie.
  16. Krusha

    Made a comment, Apr 19 2017 10:07 PM

    Pharrell wearing Kojiharu-designed/themed jacket: http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?/topic/16389-kojima-haruna-team-a-graduated/?p=2045138

  17. Krusha

    Made a comment, Apr 02 2017 07:49 PM

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20th Anniversary reunion: http://i.imgur.com/FfNxzCe.png

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      Anthony Stewart Head aka "Giles" was busy with a play, so unfortunately couldn't be part of shoot.
    • sukibeam's Photo
      ^ Thanks. Was wondering where he was. Loved Giles.
    • Krusha's Photo
      The cast in general there looks amazing considering show was on 1997-2003 (and Angel 1999-2004).
  18. Krusha

    Made a comment, Feb 08 2017 04:33 AM

    R.I.P. Matsuno Rina (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku) ...

  19. Krusha

    Made a comment, Feb 06 2017 05:26 PM

    Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II1dfJd27YI

  20. Krusha

    Made a comment, Feb 06 2017 02:18 AM

    FYI: http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?/topic/11384-picboard/?p=2030929

  21. Krusha

    Made a comment, Jan 20 2017 12:05 PM

    For Request Hour event, please make a thread in the 48G forum, so that one can avoid spoilers! :)

  22. Krusha

    Made a comment, Jan 13 2017 07:01 PM

    If anybody here are unfamiliar with one of the best genres from the 80's, namely Italo Disco, check out this mix: https://www.mixcloud.com/FabricePotec/the-history-of-italo-disco-volume-5/

    • Dalvron'20's Photo
      I know! When I need a particular boost of spirits, nothing like a nice dose of Italo Disco to get me going again! (Sometimes new wave and mod work too but not as well.)
    • Konohita's Photo
      Thank you!!! I love 80s Italy Disco!
    • wahodes's Photo
      This is exactly the kind of music I'm getting into right now thank you
  23. Krusha

    Made a comment, Nov 24 2016 05:49 AM

    Kouhaku artist list: http://www.nhk.or.jp/kouhaku/artists/

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      And I hope this shows that you should not put faith in the annual "rumored to appear" lists that always appear before actual confirmed lineup is announced.
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      Two notable artists debuting for the red team: Utada Hikaru, as well as PUFFY. Also Keyakizaka46 making their debut.
    • iwabo's Photo
      When I posted about BM appearing back then it was posted by what looked like J-Melo's official Facebook presence, not exactly a site you'd expect to rely on rumors.
  24. Krusha

    Made a comment, Nov 16 2016 07:06 PM

    Well, AKB48 got #1 on first day with 1,120,070 copies sold (Oricon Chart)

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      the rose garden
      With the new rules? That's great.
    • Krusha's Photo
      Yeah, looks like it.
    • minaeshi's Photo
      thats really good considering the new oricon rules pretty much targeted them lol
  25. Krusha

    Made a comment, Oct 29 2016 08:21 PM

    Overwatch World Cup live: Canada vs. Spain - https://www.twitch.tv/blizzard :D