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31 August 2021 - 11:55 AM


Bye SG...thanks for 11 years :sob:

In Topic: Fukuda Kanon (福田花音)

15 August 2021 - 07:26 PM

I hope she will prioritize her mental health and well-being first and not put herself through any greater danger or further turmoil.

But for that she'd have to actually recognize the situation for what it is. Someone as fragile as her could easily get gaslit into believing she doesn't deserve any better, that everything is justified and she herself is to blame for the troublesome situation.


Show report (Japanese) with many pics https://storywriter....021/08/15/4992/

In Topic: Fukuda Kanon (福田花音)

13 August 2021 - 09:33 AM

She really can't catch a break, can she? That transcript / translation is enough for me to never actually listen to it. No matter if Kanon did things worth scolding or damaging the brand or whatever, this kind of abuse is never justified. I hope there is a way the justice system can punish Seiko. She better never work together with anyone ever again unless she's had some proper therapy to fix her behavioral issues.

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02 July 2021 - 02:57 PM




Also some quick updates from the top of my head:


  • Yume and her sister Jyuna are the main stars of a new YouTube / TikTok channel called ponstarland with loads of cute content
  • Marina just recently had COVID but recovered already
  • There are rumors that the four mysterious sisterbones girls for the BABYMETAL 10 Budokan shows might have been Sakia, Neo, Miko and Miyu (Ciào Girls) although as with all things BABYMETAL nothing is confirmed so you be your own judge (personally I definitely believe I saw Sakia and Miyu)
  • speaking of Ciào Girls, that's all there is now because Ciào Smiles no longer is a thing
  • There has been some drama around Aiko and she quit entertainment


About that last part, the line of events seems to be: Aiko's boyfriend tweets four photos of them (them kissing, Aiko in a bathtub, Aiko seemingly drunk in some restaurant, Aiko having beer and food at home while watching TV), saying something about breaking up with her; followed by Amuse announcing Aiko has COVID and she'll take a break; again followed by Aiko quitting after her recovery. Judging her boyfriend's Twitter the two are still together. He also seems to dislike Miki for some reason as he will occasionally make weird comments about her and (don't know if he still does) had a line about Miki being weird in his Twitter bio.


My guess is management found out about Aiko being in a relationship (possibly blackmailed) and instead supporting their talent remembered the good old "iDoLs cAn'T hAvE bOyfRieNdS" rule and forced them to break up, which her edgy boyfriend dealt with as explained. Coincidentally Aiko then caught COVID (or Amuse just needed some more time to figure out what to do with this mess as underage drinking was involved and gave this reasoning) and when that was over they one way or another decided to part ways. If she's really still with him I'm guessing she's happy and that's all that matters to me although that whole situation was hilariously messed up.

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06 May 2021 - 04:37 PM

Cool recommendations. Saw some stuff from Devil no ID so far that I really like. Thanks, hope maybe some more producers will try out that route.