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About Me

I was bored on a Friday night so..

H!P Randomness..

-Yoshizawa Hitomi is my favorite member ever.
-Morning Musume is my favorite group (H!P and out of H!P).
-Niigaki Risa is my current favorite H!P Member.
-My favorite subgroups are Sakura Gumi and Tanpopo.
-1st,4th, and 5th Gen. are my favorites.
-I love MiniMoni's songs.. too much.
-I like a lot of Matsuura Aya's songs.
-My favorite Shuffle Units were the ones from 2003.
-High-King is my favorite Misc. Unit.
-I've been a H!P fan for a little bit over a year now.
-"Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookiizo!~" was the first MM song I heard.
-"Rainbow 7" was the first Album.
-"Sakura Mankai" was the first subgroup song I heard.
-"Ai no Imi wo Oshiete" was another one of the first songs I heard.
-I wasn't into J-pop until I heard Morning Musume.
-My first thought after listening to my first MM song was, "this is so different/weird, let me hear more!"
- Hitomi, Makoto, and Reina were the first 3 members I noticed.
-This last year I've studied more about Morning Musume and H!P than school lol (well kinda).

Other Randomness....

-My favorite color is Blue (and most recently, black, gray, and hot pink with lime/neon green).
-I'm a chocolate and Cheese whore.
-I knit.
-I Bake.
-I like arts and crafts.
-I sleep..a lot.
-I enjoy reading.
-I love to sing, but I'm very bad.
-I can be a weird person sometimes.
-I'm very lazy.
-I'm funny, but not on purpose. Meaning people laugh at me a lot <3
-All my brothers call me "Panda" (my oldest brother came up with it)
-I'm very indecisive.
-My taste in Music changes a lot.
-I've always wanted to learn a lot of Languages.
-I speak English & Spanish.
-I love Nintendo Games and their Music :D
-Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Donkey kong are my favorites.
-I'm scared of all the modern, high tech games. Although I started playing CALL OF DUTY.
-I had a fear of giant bears when I was younger.
-I don't like clowns.
-I hate knives! They freak me out!
-I love wrapping Christmas Presents.
-I hate the taste of water :D
-Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda.
-Apple Juice is my favorite Juice.
-Horror Movies are my favorite.
-I've been a Fan of Hilary Duff since I was like 11. I like her songs, but I hate her acting.

ok i'm no longer bored. lol i don't know why i did this :D it's too long.
I'll edit someday..

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    I enjoy a lot of things!.. Reading, baking, sleeping xD , listening to music, working on Photoshop, watching tv, Watching Movies, Knitting.. etc..<br /><br />:)

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