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Awsome peoples in here

Risuzu - one of my graphics rivals/friends, she made me the takagakiness <3, and somehow she is my evil stepsister [she likes aika but I forgive her :P]
Niner - another Gaki-holic and gfx buddy
Sweets - the original rival of mine, she is awesome, kind of like an older sister
Ganbarori (a.k.a Chibilolli, lolli, lizzie) - she rocks, she gives me risa stuffs, she is my president
Dran, dotBrian, GinaRawr, Erika2113 - the eurowota chatroom crew
GT - Gas lad, we need more members like him
asianqueen - Mad as a bag of cats, its brilliant. she leaves the best comments
Ariel - still looking for a good nickname for him. Great guy, one of my biggest supporters :)

I like Friends, so come chat, we can play together forever o.O....creepy enough for ya?

Inside lil' Liamers

Name: Liam
Nickname: Liamers, Sparky, Yamaguchi, panda, McLovin, Milhouse...though Liamers is the only one that has stuck any bit
Nationality: 100% Irish...though if you look through my family tree there are 2 scottish names in there, but thats back like 4 generations ago.... ok 100% Celt just to be sure :P
Languages: Englis...more specifically Irish english, which means I type the way I speak. I did German for 6 years can speak a little bit. Did Irish my whole life, can only speak a little bit.......long story dont ask. oh and I know a few words of Japanese from watching idol stuff and Drama's
Age: 20
My Hello! Project twin: None :( ,,,,maybe I should be glad of that??
Johnnies Entertainment Twin: ....None hahahah :(

What I like about myself: Open minded towards lots of things
What I dislike about myself: I can be very lazyargue until I can get my point/thought across.
What I am scared of: Drowning *shudders*
Charm point: My Eyes. cheesy as it sounds, I'm an eye kinda guy.

Habits: I'v been making random noises lately. this mainly happens in class or practicals when I dont get what I am doing or if I'm confused. I think I picked it up from watching Gaki so closely. I seem to unwillingly pick up other peoples habbits.

Currently doing: My 3rd year of my Geology degree. I love eology so I do

My Favourite Things

Fave H!P Groups: Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, Buono [waiting for that korean audition winner to join up with gaki to form a super group that will do both korean and japanese songs and will take over the world <3]
Fave H!P Idols: All of current MM minus Aika and all of OG MM minus kago [still dont feel right with her], and fukuda [she left too soon to leave any impact on me at all], Suzuki Airi, Okai Chisato, starting to like Nakki more, Kumai All of berryz
Fave JE groups: KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP, News, Arashi
Fave Other japanese music: Vocalod music e.g Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kaamine Rin and Len etc. Perfume
Fave Korean Music: Girls' Generation, After School, BIGBANG, DBSK, SHINee, Super Junior, Lee Jung Hyun, Son Dam Bi, etc

Fave book: The Old Kingdom Trilogy [Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen]
Fave Movie: Very hard to choose but LOTR sticks out
Fave T.v shows: Glee, Supernatural, greys anatomy, heroes, Legend of the seeker
Fave JDrama: P.P.O.I, Nobuta wo Produce, Gokusen

Favorite Color: Purple, green, blue, white and black
Pet: 2 dogs, 1 golden labrador named Boomer, 1 sheepdog, labrador mix named sox, a cat with a forever changing name, and a goat called jessie
Describe my room in one word: UGH!!! its messy as hell and takes hours to clean. just ugh!
Catchphrase: "Really?" I've unknowingly been saying this a lot lately
Hobbies: Nerdy stuff like gaming, graphics stuff, music and movies. But I also like swimming and photography. Nothing very exciting really :/

Message to everyone: TALK TO ME! I like getting to know new people. Its fun. and if your as crazy as me then yay, drop me a line on facebook or msn or something.

Wow, liamers, you truly are a master of graphics! <3

graphics made by others for me :)

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made by Lazy Panda

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made by Risa/Misa


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