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Nozofan's Blog > Leave a comment on an Ameba Blog

Posted 16 December 2014

Today, I'm going to show you how to leave a comment on a blog!
It's really simple, so I hope you will all be able to leave comment on your favorite idols' blogs!
(Although, if you comment in English, your comment might not be approved D:)

The first thing you need to do is to go on your favorite idols' blog. This time, I went to the 12kkies blog a...

Nozofan's Blog > Ameba Blog: Main Page

Posted 09 December 2014

This is the second tutorial for Ameba! ^_^
I'll present you the main page and how to write a post!

So, once you login on ameba, you'll get to this!
It might not be the same since you probably don't have an avatar, blogs you follow or a Pigg.
Pigg is like a virtual world w...

Nozofan's Blog > Ameba Blog: How to create an account~

Posted 05 December 2014

Hello everyone!
So recently, I was asked about it Ameba Blog and how it works, so I thought I would share it with everybody!
A lot of H!P idols have ameba blog, so if you want a blog like them, Ameba blog is really easy to use even though it's in Japanese~
The first step is how to create an account!
First, go to http://www.ameba.jp/
You will see this. Cl...